The Achillobator is a brown, feathered, bipedal theropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period. It is one of the smaller Runner theropods, and is not used frequently due to having considerably terrible animations, as it does not even have an AOE animation or a very good running animation.


The Achillobator is the second-largest of the Dinosaur Simulator raptors, just behind Utahraptor. It’s quite weak, and only large packs can take on big prey. Run around and eat Snacks if you’re alone. Achillobators attack range is minuscule, another reason for keeping distance to fights as everything can and will kill you if you aren’t fast enough to run away before getting grabbed or attacked, so don’t stay still.


The Achillobator roar is a loud and short, high-pitched threatening snarl with a birdlike vocal undertone.

Advanced Statistics

Stats are based on the Achillobator being an elder and past day 25.
 Max Hunger: CarnivoreCarnivore Icon 120
 DPS: 40
 Bleed Damage: 1
 Attack Rate: 1.5s
 DNA per day: DNA IconDNA Icon 10
 DNA until Elder: DNA IconDNA Icon ?
 Time to Elder: 28 m
 Counter With: Utahraptor

Real Life

The Achillobator is a dromaeosaurid type dinosaur, which is a group of feathered dinosaurs that are closely related to birds, this group also includes the larger Utahraptor. The Achillobators lived 98 to 83 million years ago and was discovered during 1989 and explained in 1999.


  • (/əˌkɪləˈbaɪtɔːr/ a-KILL-ə-BAY-tohr) Its name means ‘Achilles-hero’ which comes from the Greek warrior of the Troyan Wars Achilles and the Mongolian word baatar which means ‘hero’.
  • Despite having a large size, Weirdly it got less health than the Balaur, and Troodon.
  • It got the same feather color as the Quetzalcoatlus fur.


A Phoenix skin designed by Angie for the art contest coming in 3rd place behind the Totem Terror and Disco. This skin is one of the most valuable in the game, as it only was available for a few days and costed a lot. It has top-notch animations with extremely realistic running animations. It has a beautiful design in general, as to why it is the top-valued art skin.

It has also taken the cake to be the new “veteran dinosaur,” where it took the name from the Pungent Dilophosaurus skin.


It has a bright orange glowing body and long yellow quivering feathers on its head, ankles, arms, and the end of its tail, and end on its tail. It is based on the Phoenix in Mythology, being a giant flaming bird. You can see some resemblance because dinosaurs are related to birds.