Aerial Dinosaurs

All of the non-skin/hybrid Aerial Dinosaurs in the game.

Aerial Information

The aerial dinosaur class is a type of dinosaur that has the ability to fly; making survival very easy. Flying and its flight speed can be very useful in getting out of tight situations. Any aerial dinosaurs that try to swim will likely die easily in some way, excluding the Pteranodon which can swim for a short amount of time. The flying dinosaurs mostly consist of the Quetzalcoatlus, the unique Balaur, and the new Avinychus.


  • All of them are carnivores except for the Balaur.
  • Currently, all the pterosaurs in the game are Pterodactyloids, meaning that they have a short tail and a toothless beak. Rhamphorhynchoids, with a long tail and a toothy beak, have yet to be added, but there have been no models in the developers’ inventories or leaks yet.


  • Has the ability to glide/fly.
  • Because most aerial dinosaurs are carnivores food is extremely easy to find.
  • Class with the fastest speed in the game, while flying/gliding.


  • Has the least Health of the other classes (Not counting Avinychus)
  • The Flying ability consumes lots of stamina. (Not counting Balaur or Avinychus)
  • Can easily die from bleeding. (Not counting Avinychus)
  • Can not easily find food as a baby in winter. (Not counting Balaur)

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