Amargasaurus(um-arg-uh-soar-uhs) was a genus of dicraeosaurid sauropod, meaning "La Amarga Lizard", it lived on the early Cretaceous period 122-129 million years ago, what is now Argentina. This dinosaur is recognizable from it's keratinous neck, although, Amargasaurus was a small sauropod, standing up to 10 meters long.

This model may be inaccurate, since scientists have debated whether the spines protruding from Amargasaurus' neck and back were a dorsal fin or simply spines.


Amargasaurus is a gradient green sauropod with a segmented, fluid tail, and a large dorsal fin running down its neck and back. It has black toes with a sail on its neck to its back the color of its body. It has a relatively small head and is very small itself for a sauropodomorph.

Advanced Statistics

Stats are based on the Amargasaurus being an elder and past day 25.
 Max Hunger: HerbivoreHerbivore Icon 240
 DPS: 60
 Bleed Damage: 0
 Attack Rate: 1.5s
 DNA per day: DNA IconDNA Icon 20
 DNA until Elder: Unknown
 Time to Elder: 56 m
 Counter With: Giganotosaurus