Archelon (Ark-el-on) (ruling-turtle) was the largest sea turtle species ever discovered. It swam the seas of the Late Cretaceous North America 80.5 MYA, which at that time, was a couple of large "islands".

It is a good aquatic starter considering its cost. It is quite speedy, and can out swim predators. It can't fight anything because of its bad damage and almost decent health. Because it lacks in these stats, many experienced players avoid using this creature for obvious reasons.


It is a light yellow color, with a dull-ish pink shell. It is a Carnivore due to its strong bite that it had in real life which would be able to crush the soft bodies of mollusks.However, it has an weak bite in-game. Also, it has a VERY blocky model, causing it to incapable of better maneuvers.


  • For unknown reasons, this giant turtle doesn't have oxygen.
  • This creature was featured in a fossil in Up, from Disney Pixar, as the one of main antagonist's trophies.
  • The Archelon might have a remodel in the near future, most likely because people want it to have boosted moistness and boosted land speed. This is due to it being a sea turtle and it would make sense for it to have boosted land speed and boosted moistness.
  • The confirmed remodel for Archelon is on Wendigo_King's Inventory but it is still unknown if the remodel is going to its way from Dinosaur Simulator.

Advanced Stats Board✓©

Max hunger:90

Time before elder:21 minutes


Sprinting Speed:22


Bleed damage:1 Attack rate:1,5

DNA per day after 24 days:8

Counter with:Liopleurodon

Easter Archelon is an Easter special skin added in the 5.8.0 update. It has a beige skin color, with a green shell containing a small striped Easter egg, some flowers, and patches of grass. It has a better model than the original Archelon, including better animations.


It is a recently added skin to the Archelon, it's shell is basically a giant pumpkin with a face. It's neck is sticking out of the pumpkin's mouth.

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