Bony fish are the non-shark fish of Dinosaur Simulator. Today, the majority of species of fish have bones for skeletons. In the game, there are only two species representing this group: the Coelacanth and Leedsichthys.


The bony fish in the game is represented by:


Bony fish in Dinosaur Simulator are not made for fighting due to low damage. The advantage of being a bony fish than being a sea reptile is that you don’t need to go to the surface, making life easier.



The Coelacanth (Latimeria species) is the second weakest animal in Dinosaur Simulator, having only 300 health and 60 damage as an elder. Because of this, not many people play as this creature. Although the Coelacanth is not good at fighting, it is small and has a great chance of scavenging off bigger aquatic animals.

Real Life

This fish was thought to go extinct with the dinosaurs, but in 1938 several fishermen in South Africa found one alive.



The Leedsichthys problematicus is the aquatic animal in the game with the most health (2400 at elder). Despite this, it has only 120 damage as an elder, so it is able to kill only a juvenile Pliosaurus or Mosasaurus. It can kill small prey, but it can also eat the large schools of fish scattered throughout the ocean. Luckily, it has a high Growth Rate Multiplier of 1.5, which will give you a reasonable DNA IconDNA Icon 38 after day 25, and also makes this animal’s total hunger at elder 450. This makes the Leedsichthys a good animal for farming DNA. It’s the strongest bony fish so far.

Real Life

The Leedsichthys was the largest jawed bony fish to ever exist, rivaling toady’s whale shark in size.