There are a lot of events that can happen in Dinosaur Simulator, but these are just a few. Note that if you see some of the more deadly events happening and you're not in it, do not try to stop them. Just stay away as far as possible unless it's, like, a baby Triceratops or loggers and stuff. If it is, you're good.


Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus Attacks

Sometimes a player enters a game, spawns in as an elder Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus and starts to create mayhem on the server by flying around and killing anything they'll see. If they encounter an adult animal then they'll fly above it, staying out of its range that way it'll be easier and spamming AOE attacks until the enemy dies. The best way to combat them is to fight fire with fire, basically choosing the Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus as well or get a pack of friends to swarm the Quetzalcoatlus with a group of Hatzegopteryx. used to be [Rare] due to the lack of people that had this skin, but this has become [Very Common] with the Black Friday of 2017. However, this has once again become [Rare] due to the Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus remodel, nerfing the range and making the skin useless in terms of combat.

Middle Lake Ambushes

Sometimes, a powerful aquatic creature (Usually a Mosasaurus or a Pliosaurus) stations themselves at mid of the Default Map and ambushes dinosaurs that come close to drink. This is particularly lethal to small or baby dinosaurs, that are killed in seconds or grabbed in their jaws and dragged into the depths of the lake. With the addition of the subterranean tunnel to mid-lake, these attacks are becoming more and more common. Mid ambushes can be easily stopped if you have a elder baro, but this should not be attended if there are several aquatic predators, let alone a whole pack. Sometimes the animals responsible can also be Sharks, Crocodiles, Prognathodon, and rarely, Tusoteuthis or Carcharocles Megalodon. [Very Common]

KOS Police Packs

KOS Police Packs are Packs that are friendly towards players unless KOSers. These packs are used to monitor servers, Usually decayed servers full of KOSers. They usually choose dinos that are deadly, like Apatosaurus, Megavore, Avinychus, Barosaurus, Albino Terror, Pliosaurus, Mosasaurus, Fossil C. Meg etc. But they are not aggressive towards normal players but, very aggressive towards KOSers, if they at least see one KOSer, they'll auto-destroy it. However, these Packs really protect servers though. [Rare]

KOSer Packs

These events usually occur when one pack of dominant dinosaurs, usually carnivores, along with a few Barosaurus, KOSes (Kills on sight). They constantly move around the map and KOS everything that moves for fun. Few players try to stop them, but stopping a pack of eight or more Giganotosauruses, Albino Terrors, or Megavores is pretty hard. These packs lure players near them by kindly saying "hi" or "wanna join?" and then brutally killing them as soon as they come close. But, unlike the barosaurus rampages or Carnivore war zones, these Death packs, nearly never die down! Even if almost half of them are killed by a competing pack, most players have an extra elder or two, and would just work from there. The only way for them to stop is usually if too many pack members leave, or when the pack breaks or all other players have elder Barosaurus. Pro-tip: If you're being held, spam space and run really fast away. [Very Common]

Common KOSers

Many players will often hunt for sport (KOS), (sometimes) bragging about what they kill. Usually, they hunt weaker dinosaurs, leave them there (if they pick you up but don't eat you, they may be hunting for a pack or making a food storage, not hunting for fun. Also they may get attacked by a dino, so they leave you to defend themselves), and hunt more; with little to no reason except "for fun". Since they typically hunt alone, it's easy to kill one with a dinosaur at their strength level. (Don't mistake these for dinosaurs hunting for their pack-- often, packs have to constantly hunt to keep their members alive.) Most hunters get bored after a while and leave the server, or get attacked and die (or leave the server, too.) Pro-tip: If you're being held, spam space and run really fast away or fly away if you are a pterosaur. [Very Common]

Death From Above

Sometimes Quetzalcoatlus (Particularly Fantasy and Kaiju) or Hatzegopteryx players get a little trolley and stalk packs of small or baby dinosaurs. They then swoop down and grab one of them, proceeding to fly away with them in the mouth and killing them in the air. They also attack bigger dinosaurs babies and will kill them if the parents don't succeed in fighting them off. This can be a difficult task, as one hit from the flying predator is enough to grab hold of the young one, and getting out of reach is an easy task for them after that. It is lucky that Quetzalcoatlus and Hatzegopteryx usually are pretty skittish and don't fight big dinosaurs. [Very Common]

Barosaurus Rampages

Sometimes Barosaurus (Or other strong dinosaurs) can group in one area, usually at mid, and kill everything that comes near them. These rampages are very hard to stop, but it can with enough strong dinos like Megavores or Albino Terrors, although it might take time if there are a load of elder Barosaurus. The best thing to do is leave them alone or find a new server. [Somewhat Common]

Ankle Biters

This one is exactly what it says on the tin: Dinos who nibble you. Trikes are very common, as are ornis. More experienced nibblers will use Arizonasaurus or Achillobator. Pteranodon, especially Decomposers, are also common. [Common]

Trike Killers

A common occurrence is small dinosaurs, usually, baby Triceratops although it can be arizonas or achillos, will dart up to players, attack them then retreat, trying to kill the players. These can be stopped by picking them up and biting them or using AOE ( Area of Effect, can damage everything within your attack range), by pressing "1" whenever they come close. [Somewhat Common]

Carnivore War Zone

This usually happens when two strong dinos, like Indoms/Albino Terrors and Megavores, kill everything within sight. These usually occur near the middle of the map, and can happen with any strong dinos like the Giganotosaurus or Tyrannosaurus Rex. Unlike the Barosaurus rampages, these are much more easily stopped, since any player with a strong dinosaur like a sauro, baro, or oreo, could put an end to this. Any other player with Megavore or Albino Terror could also stop this by killing them. However, this is much harder when there are clans or packs of carnivores such as the Giga. Killing a whole pack would require many more players. [Very Common]


These people, normally KOSers, trick you into coming near them, only to kill you. Some people have thought of more complex ways of doing this. The most normal version of this is when bigger dinosaurs say wanna team, getting you to come near them. But then, you are attacked and most likely killed. Another form of trickery is when you kill something for food (or defense) and they attack you, saying you're a KOSer. [Uncommon]

Sauro Protectors

They are KOSers that will go next to an NPC Sauroposeidon. The dinosaurs that do this most often do this are the ones that usually KO's themselves, like the Mammoth, Albino Terror, and Megavore. After they go near the Sauroposeidon, they will make a nest there and go to the menu. While there, they will wait for someone (usually a weaker carnivore, like Allosaurus or Tyrannotitan), to attack the NPC, and when they do, they will spawn in and attack the player until he/she dies. [Uncommon]

KOS killers

KOS killers are packs of dinosaurs that hunt down and kill kosers on purpose. Sometimes known as KOS busters. Usually are experienced players who do NOT kos. Sometimes KOS killers ask random people in the server for assistance on finding certain kosers. Sometimes, KOS killing packs will mistake you for a KOSer, and start attacking you. Luckily they usually stop when you start talking. However, many of these so-called “KOS Busters” packs often use this label as an excuse to ironically kill others themselves. [Rare]

Coward Kosers

Coward kosers are people with good KOSing dinos, like Albino Terror or Avinychus, but almost always run when confronted. They like to talk trash in the chat, and then as soon as you hunt them down, they menu or log. Coward kosers are also known as bad kosers, as they are not very good at player vs player, but still, KOS just for fun.

  • How to avoid: avoid just like regular kosers, or kill them before they menu/log. [Uncommon/Rare]

Avinychus Servers

This was something that just came up recently because of the most recent hybrid dinosaur: Avinychus. Avinychus does more damage than both a Megavore and an Albino Terror, making it exceptionally dangerous. Some servers have lots of Avinychus and they will kill anyone they see. Since the Avinychus is fast and can glide, it is very hard to kill one, and almost impossible to kill a pack of these.

  • How to avoid: look for out for an Avinychus, and quick menu if any charge at you. If it is necessary, leave the server. [Uncommon]

Wyvern Swarm

This event basically only occurs in the map, Gallus Island. The Wyvern skin was recently added as a Hatzegopteryx. The Wyvern skin is not nerfed in Gallus Island and still has the dev stats. This is bad because people will use the Wyvern skin to KOS others in this map. Sometimes, there will be swarms of three to four Wyverns, ganging up on everything. There can also be Wyvern wars, where two gangs of Wyverns fight each other. Due to the fact that the Wyvern is not a rare skin, and is easily acquired, there sometimes are Wyvern free for alls, where random Wyverns kill everything within sight.

  • How to avoid: Don't go to Gallus Island! [Rare]

Hybrid Gang

Since the buff on Albino Terror these gangs are appearing more. Hybrid Gangs are made up of only Limited Hybrids and mainly won't accept Avinychus. These gangs will KOS servers and target new packs to insure there is no threats to their little gang. [Uncommon]

  • How to avoid: Become an underwater pack or use large sauropods to intimidate them and face tank for your teammates. Lay lots of eggs of sauropods and hybrids to make it seem like your pack is strong. If the intimidation worked and the hybrids left your area move to a new location with little hills to easily spot them better.

Teamers and Related

Teamers “Wanna Team?”

These are probably the least dangerous of the rest of the events here though they can be annoying. They are players which sometimes come to the strongest pack/player on the server and ask them if they can join their pack and simply spamming "Team?" or "Wanna team?". They are most often baby animals or newbies which are very scared to be in the in-game world. They probably just want to elder their animals and want some company. They can also bite sometimes to get your attention but they nearly always die afterward after you attack it. [Common]

Another type of teamer are newbies that, for the same reason as the other type, want to have company and are scared to survive alone. They join the server, spawn in, and start a pack. They then invite random people who they think are good/pros at the game (most often, users with interesting/cool usernames). Usually, the requests will be declined, but the people who are willing to join- well, join. On rare occasions, the pack leader will invite a user over and over again until they join the pack. Some players that invite you to their pack might kill you when you are close to them or join their pack. [Uncommon]


Menu Loggers

Menu Loggers are a type of Logger who instead of exiting the game will go back to the menu and most often get called out for it. They will normally go back to the menu of the game as they're being chased or if they spot an enemy. This behavior is understandable and explained by them not wanting to lose their animals. [Very Common]

Game Loggers

This is the second type of Logger which doesn't go back to the menu but quits the game instead. They do this if they're on low health while fighting someone. But don't think that there aren't any consequences after them quitting. The game will punish their animals that they logged out as to become juveniles or babies depending on the health. Lower green health for juveniles and Yellow for babies. However, a minimal amount of lost health is unaffected. After they log in they still keep the days that they survived as the logged animal but they will start off younger. This behavior is explainable by them trying to not lose their animals. [Very Common]

Winter Massacre

Usually, in the winter, many players begin to starve or die because ferns are almost nowhere in the map to be found and tree leaves are inedible. and it gets worse when the water freezes and they are stuck under it. This is great for carnivores or omnivores, as their deaths provide plenty of easy food for them to eat. It is highly suggested that you switch to be a carnivore or omnivore dinosaur so that you may live or to fill up your hunger bar during Autumn. [Common]


This usually happens when there are fewer players on a server, and the only available food source is little green lizards and baby triceratops' and other small dinosaurs. An easy way to prevent this from happening is to simply join another server with more people, or killing NPCs. [Somewhat common]

Server Packs

This happens when one person makes a pack and invites everyone over and over until everyone (Or almost everyone) in the server is in the pack. If you are a dinosaur not in the pack, it is recommended not going near the nest, or expect to be ambushed by a ton of dinosaurs, likely ending up in your death. These packs are almost unstoppable. [Somewhat Common]


Dinosaur Wars

Sometimes the two dominating packs kill the leader of both packs, and because of this, They start a war to settle their differences. What will usually happen is everybody in both packs will get their strongest dinosaurs, and some members will get either a Range Glitch dinosaur or a skin with a buff, or get a Mosasaurus or Pliosaurus into the wall. They either fight in the Middle of the map, or in some other place, either the island with the tree on it, as to not get attacked by other dinosaurs that cannot swim well, or the tiny forest. If you get caught up in the middle of the battle zone, it is recommended to leave as soon as you can. If you're there before when you see them run in then run out of where they are or swim/fly out. [Uncommon]

Pack Wars

Not to be confused with the other pack events, All packs will fight each other, making the server full of chaos. The only way to end this is to either beat all of the other packs or get a really powerful dino and kill anyone else. [Uncommon]


Braggers are people who brag about their rare skins, making players who don't have valuable trading tokens feel bad. The victim gets so upset that he/she wants to kill the bragger, but they kill the victim with a powerful rare dinosaur of theirs instead. [Somewhat Common]


Who could forget the Try-hards? The Try-hards are people similar to Nibblers, but they actually have a reason to attack. They are normal people who will try to kill you or someone else with everything they have in their inventory; they even use baby animals to try and kill someone, which is where the name "Try-hard" comes from. Their main goal is to kill whoever killed them which most often makes them either leave the server or keep trying and trying until they report the person that killed them or again, leave. [Slightly Uncommon]

Friendly Battles

This most often happens to Server Packs. Friends or random people ask each other if they would like to fight but not to the death, they will sometimes ask each other questions like "Wanna fight to yellow health?" or simply "Wanna fight?". They simply want to test out their skills, either for fun or to train which could help them one day in the future. They most often never use animals that do bleed damage like Spinosaurus or Baryonyx because the stacking bleeding could end one or both of them. [Common]

  • When there is a friendly battle is a friendly battle other pack mates mainly stop and watch. If you are a baby, juvenile, or weak you should take your chances and eat or steal any carcasses or eggs in the packs territory.
  • Mainly when there is a friendly battle the people mainly use one of their strong dinos. If the people fighting are an enemy pack you should attack during this time cause 1. Its easier to eliminate a strong dinosaur out of their uses. 2. They will hurt each other during the fight against you. 3. Cause they are unprepared for a fight. 4. Their nest are exposed during the friendly battle.

Abandoned Servers

Sometimes people leave the server because it gets boring or the players aren't active. You can see an Abandoned server when the last text in chat is really old. Though sometimes there is that one player who stays. It's usually someone who is farming DNA or doesn't want to be attacked by anyone which is understandable. These are usually dinosaurs that fall victim to being attacked or people who just want to chill back and relax while farming DNA whilst not getting bothered or killed. [Somewhat Rare]


Sometimes an official Developer can enter a public server to have fun or in case of some Developers like Haxorua, KO's. They most often get loads of attention and the server starts coming around the dev dino. The server becomes peaceful, and all other activities stop, like hunting or KOSing. If there is one place on the server where everyone is, it is the where the Developer is. [Very Rare]

Hackers and Exploiters

Hackers are users who download illegal software to obtain an advantage over other players. The most common hack is flying or teleporting, where they suddenly appear out from nowhere. Sometimes, there are hackers that turn their dinos invisible, and also making them invulnerable to attacks. Although that rarely ever happens, who said it can’t? [Common]

False Hackers

Those are the users that due to lag or another reason, is confused by the server as a hacker. They usually kill when the target is “idle.” [Common]

Flying Hackers

This event is where a player (most often a Crocodilian) spawns in with hacks or the knowledge to flight glitch. These players will attack you until they're dead, you logged or something else distracts them. Flight hackers can kill a pack of 5 people if they are experienced, including an adult Barosaurus in that pack, so be careful.

  • How to avoid: Join a Private server or go to the places in the map where almost nobody goes. Switching servers may work. [Somewhat Common].

Floor Glitchers

These are probably one of the worst types of enemy you want to fight. The Floor Glitchers are people who use nests to get inside of the map and kill people from under the floor which is unfair though the very smart way of dominating the server. One of the only ways to get rid of Floor Glitchers is to become one yourself and hunt them down. They can only swim until the sea level, which means that they cannot get you on some hills. The most commonly used animals to do this are the Pliosaurus and Mosasaurus, due to their damage, health, size, and oxygen. On occasion, larger sea monsters like the Shastasaurus and the Leedsichthys will floor glitch, although this is rarer as their large bulk makes floor glitching much harder to achieve. The funny thing is that in one of the recent maps known as Gallus Island there is a secret room under the map with a couple of signs with the captions “Go away, floor glitcher!” and “Glitch abusers not permitted!” [Rare]

Floor Glitcher War-Ground

This event most often happens when an experienced player gets killed/almost killed by a floor glitcher. They then spawn in as a floored creature and keep fighting the other player until one or both has no more semi-aquatic/Aquatic creatures. This is only a true war ground if one or both players gather a team of floor glitchers.

  • How to avoid: If you are getting attacked out of nowhere, climb up on a hill, as you would do for any floor glitchers. This event is usually to your advantage, as it keeps floor glitchers busy. The best thing to do is stay out of the whole thing. [Very Rare]

Trickster Pack Inviters

Sometimes in a server, you might want to think twice about join a pack, because the second you spawn at your nest, the leader could kick you out and everybody will start attacking you. Most likely resulting in death, but in some cases, you survive their attack. Be cautious when someone invites you to a pack.

  • Some ways to detect these Tricksters:
    1. If you joined their pack and they look like they are AFK but are still moving, stay alert. They might attack any second.
    2. If you joined a pack which doesn't want you in it at first but they invite you and they go to both your sides. Start running, they'll kick you out and start to attack you with all their might. [Somewhat Common]

Pack “Parasites”

If you invite a random person into your pack, be aware! They can leave any second and attack you and your pack members. They will join your pack first and start private chatting with their friend that could be in your pack and later thrash out and kill everyone in your pack.

  • Some ways to detect these “Parasites”:
    • They look like they are AFK, but are still moving and ask you a weird question and try to get everybody to turn into small dinosaurs and attack when you are weak. [Rare]

Crocodile Packs

Sometimes in a server, you may walk near a source of water, then have several if not a dozen or more crocodiles, all wanting to kill you. This has become much more popular as most crocs got remodels, especially Sarcosuchus.

  • How to avoid: Stay away from large pools of water, or be quick at drinking water. [Common]

Yutashu Packs

When Yutashu was first released in the Black Friday 2017, most players created Packs and swarmed servers with the brand new skin. Most Yutashu packs were usually large having about 5+ members within it, There were usually Pitch Terrors acting as a leader to the pack, and lead large hunting streaks with the Other players. Since Yutashu had died down, these Packs aren't as common as they used to be

  • How to avoid: Play as an Aerial/Aquatic creature, or If you couldn't beat them, join them. [Very Rare]

Strategic Skynests

Strategic Skynests are people who KOS and often sky nest people and come down with an Apatosaurus and kill what it was trying to sky nest. After they have killed the victim, they break the nest or leave the pack to delete it, then they find another person to kill.

  • How to avoid: Keep an eye on the sky. [Uncommon/Rare]

Baby death pack

Baby death packs are packs full of small baby dinosaurs. Usually, triceratops, tyrannosaurus and sometimes giganotosaurus or even albino terrors. These packs can be big, sometimes up to 8 or 9 players in a pack. Because of their numbers, these baby death packs will KOS random people, and become dangerous, especially when you are being attacked by a lot of players at once. Luckily, usually a single elder Barosaurus can put a temporary end to this, as it was a lot of health, and its AOE attack should kill most of KOSers.

  • How to avoid: keep an eye out for small dinosaurs, and don't ignore them because they don't do a lot of damage. [Very Rare]


Trollers are people with relativity strong dinosaurs, like Giganotosaurus, or Tyrannosaurus. However, they do not take initiative to KOS someone fully. They usually take a bite or two out of you until you start chasing them, and then suddenly menu. They then come back and start the whole thing up again. Usually only with lone dinosaurs.

  • How to avoid: kill the trolls or outrun them. [Rare]

Sky Nest Trollers

These people are really dangerous due to the fact they abuse the anti-exploit feature, they do a Bubble nest really really high in the sky and invites people. and then they get someone with a dinosaur to finish off the Unlucky Player who spawned on the Nest, causing them to get heavily damaged due to the Anti-Exploit, If you see a bubble nest right up in the sky and you keep getting random invites, It is likely to be the Troller trying to get you killed. [Somewhat rare]

Shark Attack

When the Carcharocles Megalodon came out, it became popular in seconds. Due to its size and strength, it was used for kosers. Every time a dinosaur comes to the water to drink when someone was a Megalodon, they would ambush the dinosaur to kill it. If your nest is on the ground or underwater and the nest is near the water, a Megalodon would destroy it due to it being able to destroy a nest in 2 hits. And smaller sharks such as Cretoxyrhina and Squadlicorax would hide in medium-big lakes and wait for a weak spinosaurid and kill them for no reason.

  • How to avoid: Be quick when you drink the water and keep your distance or be a Barosaurus and spam Attack and AOE Attack or sneak a nest into the water and become Shastasaurus. [Rare]

False NPC

This event happens when a player uses common NPC dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus, Eotriceratops, or Sauroposeidon and starts to pretend to be an NPC by walking around randomly. When another player comes by in search of food and spots the fake NPC player, it starts attacking. Due to the fact that elders are slower, the fake NPCs usually allow the players to get a couple of hits on them, before suddenly attacking and brutally killing the player.

  • Tip: a real NPC will not make footprints (except babies), and when you do hit them, you will not be put in combat mode. [Rare]

AFK Farmers

AFK farmers are usually people without VIP servers, so they can't farm in their own servers. These DNA farmers are usually sauropods, since sauropods give most DNA per day, like Barosaurus, or Puertasaurus. Sometimes even Kaiju Sauroposeidons, since they have a relatively good growth rate, and can fly to make a quick escape or to get on trees. Kaiju Titanosaurus is another popular farming dino, due to the fact that it has no thirst bar, so people can use an auto-clicker while on a tree. These farmers sit on top of trees and do not move or engage in any kind of activity. However, farming is still a dangerous activity, as some pterosaurs can kill you. AFK farmers aren't AFK all the time, as they still need to check in once in a while on their dinosaurs, as most have a limited thirst bar. You can also farm with Leedsichthys. It has no oxygen so it is good for farming underwater.

  • How to avoid: Do not disturb or provoke them, and they usually will not attack.
  • Tip: If you want to AFK farm in a public server, go in a tree where there are a few players, for example near the edge of the map, so nobody will find you. [Uncommon]


These are KOSers who are too lazy to chase you down and kill you, like the classic KOSer way. Instead, they make a nest, and then use small and fast dinosaurs, like Ornithomimus or Avimimus and hit you repeatedly. You will most likely get annoyed, and go on a wild goose chase. When you are close to their nest, they will quickly menu, and before you can run away, they will get out their heavy hitters, like an Apatosaurus, Megavore, or Puertasaurus, and deal enough damage to slow you down, and finally kill you. Even packs and friends won't save you, because you are most likely too far away, and once your pack or herd gets there, you will be dead, and the KOSer will be long gone.

  • How to avoid: Do not chase small and fast dinosaurs around, as once they get out their big dinosaurs, you are as good as dead. Attempt to grab the small dinosaurs, or just completely ignore them, as they don't deal enough damage to be concerned about. [Very Rare]

Glass Beam Attacks

This attack is when a player finds a glass beam but another player gets to it and spawns a nest when you're about to get the glass skin the player spawns as a strong dinosaur such as a Mammoth or a Megavore and kills you.

  • Tip: you should try to break the nest before the player spawns as a strong dinosaur. [Rare]

Plateosaurus Earrape

Very rarely, a group of people will join a DS server and spawn in as a group of Plateosaurus' and then start to tap the call, growl and roar keys/buttons to start a painful storm of so-called ear rape by constant Plateosaurus sounds. Plateosaurus having very high pitched roar, growl and call sounds. This may annoy a lot of people on the server the Plateosaurus' are on, causing the whole server to attack the Plateosaurus' or just straight up leave.

  • How to avoid: Mute your device and start attacking or continue playing, leave the server, take off your headphones if you have them on. [Very Rare]


There are many types of flinging in dinosaur simulator, and it can be both accidental or intentional. One of the best dinosaurs for flinging is the default Sauroposeidon skin. The first and most common type of flinging is physical contact flinging. This can be from an NPC, another player, or even a corpse! This happens when you make physical contact with another dinosaur, and they fling you. NPCs will run into you (literally) and fling you. A dead Abrasive Giganotosaurus is good for flinging, as when you step on the corpse you will be flung. The second type of flinging is grab Flinging, where a big skin or dinosaur-like Hothead Megavore, or Movie Spinosaurus (subject to change, because Movie Spinosaurus has gotten a remodel recently) grabs you and spins you around in a circle. They will then let go, and you will be flung across the map for a short distance, and usually brought down to red health. Grab flinging can also be used as a defense mechanism, especially if you have a bigger but weaker dinosaur than your opponent. You can grab them, and fling them away, and make your escape. The third and most rare type of flinging is tree flinging where an experienced player camps by a tree, and wait for you to come by. They then use the tree to their advantage and fling you. After you are flung, you can either be flung outside of the map, or inside of the map. Both cases, however will most likely result in death, Due to the anti exploit feature, you will be brought down to red health if you go too fast. If you are flung outside of the map, you will most likely drown. If you land inside of the map, you will also be easily picked off by a baby dinosaur (subject to change since baby dinosaurs have gotten much weaker in the restat). You also won't be able to menu, because getting flung puts you in combat mode.

  • How to avoid: There is almost no good way to avoid being flung! This is because flinging can occur to almost any dinosaur. The only way to avoid flinging is to not make any physical contact with any dinosaur. This is nearly impossible because almost all dinosaurs and other creatures need to eat and drink. [Common]

Sauropod gangs

Recently, in the Restat update, most sauropods were given a big health buff along with sometimes a damage buff. Because of this, there are sometimes packs of sauropods hanging around the middle of the map, kosing almost anything that comes by. However, the restat update also gave the sauropods a speed nerf, so most sauropods are unable to chase down smaller dinosaurs. Sauropods also have an attack slowdown, but as an advantage, sauropods get the "sauropod buff" which is a buff in damage, unique only to sauropods. Some common sauropods are, Barosaurus, Puertasaurus, Apatosaurus, and all their skins. These sauropod gangs usually stick around the middle, and usually one aoe is enough to kill a baby or juvenile dinosaur.

  • How to avoid: Outrun the sauropods! they have a very slow running speed, so you are most likely able to outrun them. If you know they exist never be an ankylosaur or a slow sauropod. [Uncommon]