This is a list of all the developer and administrator dinosaurs, both removed/upcoming/present models in Dinosaur Simulator.


Some of the many Developer Dinosaurs in Dinosaur Simulator.


Developer Dinosaurs, officially called Adminsaurs, are creatures that only developers and other prominent figures in Dinosaur Simulator have access to. Developer Dinosaurs are much more powerful than typical creatures, with some of the stronger ones requiring massive packs to take down. Despite their strength, all Developer Dinosaurs have a Growth Rate Multiplier of 0.5 (Excluding Alligaterror, being a multiplier of 0.8) meaning that even if they die, they can regrow extremely fast. Those who have access to Developer Dinosaurs can select them through a large red button labeled “Adminsaurus” which is found in the character selection screen. Developer Dinosaurs used to spawn as NPCs on older maps. As NPCs, they had no animations, and rarely attacked players, even when being attacked themselves. At some point in Spring 2017, they no longer spawned as NPCs on the default map at the time, and they have not appeared on default maps since.

In Spring of 2018, ChickenEngineer was beginning to run into issues with space in the game for models. When Megavore V3 remodel was added, it took up so much space that he was forced to remove all of the available Developer Dinosaurs. He kept his own one (?????) and gave all people who previously owned a Developer Dinosaur access to ?????.


Wyvern Art

Drawing of the Wyvern by Liz.

The Wyvern was a brightly colored, neon flying Administrator Dinosaur. It was very noticeable due to its glowing, neon blue skin, and their large wings. It is one of the original adminsaurs. However, it was released as a promo code and is now playable as a Hatzegopteryx skin (It also received a remodel in April of 2020).      

It had 360 attack damage, 35 defense, 5820 health, and 14 speed at elder. It also had a whopping 350 energy, perhaps the most of it's time.      

Owned by: PokemanTrainer and Wendigo_King

Violex Behemoth

Violex Behemoth Art

Drawing of the Violex Behemoth by Liz.

The Violex Behemoth is one of the more popular Administrator Dinosaurs. It was said to be one of the largest and strongest of them. It deals 390 attack damage, has 50 defense, and 7,020 health, it has 200 energy. The only statistic that the Violex lacks in is speed, as it only travels at 15 speed while sprinting. It was capable of grabbing and holding massive creatures, such as Megavores and Wyverns.

It is intended to be a reference to the Female MUTO from the Godzilla 2014 movie. It appears to be large, with a dark black color, has 6 legs and a shade of violet at the tips of its legs, except on its mandibles and its hind legs. It has multiple spikes running down through the edge of the torso.

Owned by: BaebladeMaster

Rekkusu, Destroyer of Worlds


Remake of Rekkusu Destroyer of Worlds (2nd Version of the 2nd Remake) by Servez.

Rekkusu, Destroyer of Worlds is a Developer Dinosaur owned by servez_2build. It was one of the more powerful ones, having 70 defense, 360 damage, and 6,210 health. It is recognizable by its dark skin color and low, white-noise roars. Recent updates allowed it to swim, although its total oxygen is unknown.

It is a super-massive bipedal dinosaur, barely larger than a Megavore, distinguishable with large gold rings, gears, and relics going down most of its body, a glowing blue mouth, and white eyes.

Although servez_2build has returned to UG, it is unknown if his Developer Dinosaur will return, however if it will then the remodel of it will be added, and not the classic model.

Owned by: servez_2build

Lucas The Kittygator

Kittygator Art

Drawing of Lucas Tha Kittygator by Liz.

An evolved brown spotted Alligator creature with elongated ear scales (Hence the name “Kittygator,” though it is not to be confused for being crossed with a cat,) it was much larger than any of the regular crocodiles and unlike most of the Developer Dinosaurs, the smallest out of all of them.

The model, in general, is very smooth and detailed. It is owned by Haxorua. It can deal 549 damage, and it had formerly the exact amount of health as an elder Barosaurus before the restat update. However, it has gotten a nerf with only 6700 health. It has around 200 defense. It also does 5 bleed damage to whoever it hits.

Owned and created by: Haxorua


Ramphortherium Art

Drawing of the Ramphortherium by Liz.

One of the lesser-known adminsaurs (for its little appearances), Rhamphotherium is one of the more cryptic adminsaurs.

It has 4 long legs and 6 eyes, with low pitched roars. It is one of the more odd adminsaurs, being able to swim but having only 10 oxygen. It is decently strong, having 5520 health, 330 damage at elder and having 30 defense. As said above, this is arguably the rarest adminsaur to encounter, as its owner is one of the least active developers in-game. It is still possible to meet the creature on Gallus Island on extremely rare occasions (only if the developer goes there).

Owned and created by: koekjeszijnlekker



Remake of Supersuchus by Fear

Supersuchus is one of the more common adminsaurs. It is also the longest in length, reaching longer than a Barosaurus.

It is noticeable by its dark, black and grey color, smoke exiting from the body and mouth and it’s echoing roars. Compared to other adminsaurs, the Supersuchus has lots of detail and a fierce design, however being It is one of the only adminsaurs with the moistness stat, meaning it needs to go into water often (like a real salamander).
Supersuchus Art

Drawing of the Supersuchus by Liz.

It now has 13200 health, exceeding Scylla's own health, but the other stats are not currently known. It has been known to be able to beat Scylla in a fight to yellow, but only by 10 seconds.

Owned and created by: Fear

Wendigo King

Replaced with Cactus
Wendigo King Art

Drawing of the Wendigo King by Liz.

Wendigo King a fairly newer, but more popular adminsaur. It was also the only humanoid-type adminsaur. It appeared to be based on the real-life cryptid, the Wendigo. It is a humanoid figure with moose-like features. It has been replaced by a Cactus.

Its head, torso, and sections of its arms and legs are bone, but other sections in its arms and legs are fur, like a moose. It has only one antler, as the other one appears to be broken off. Its organs can be seen inside its torso. Its feet appear to have hooves, like a moose. It had the highest attack stat of all the adminsaurs, with a huge DamageDamage Icon 450 while an elder. When it swam, its hands flew into the air, and its limbs started shaking. It was arguably most famous for its C roar, which triggered the, as fans called it, "goat scream."

However, it had 2 huge disadvantages. It had trouble hitting anything, and could have been grabbed by a lot of dinosaurs.

It had 5400 health.

It had 25 defense, which was very low compared to the other adminsaurs.

450 Hunger, 100 Energy, and 14-17 speed.

When Wendigo King was first released, it could be grabbed by anything that was a carnivore or omnivore.

Owned by: Wendigo_King

The Cactus

It is debatable that the cactus is the 2nd most powerful Adminsaur. It replaced the Wendigo King. The Cactus is relatively goofy and fun, often playing ‘Anti-YouTube’ copyright songs and constantly changing its face expression.

Owned by: Wendigo_King


Lucy Art

Drawing of Lucy by Liz.

Lucy was the last adminsaur added before the adminsaurs were removed. She was owned by supernob123, who has confirmed that Lucy is a dragon. Her appearance resembles more a demon of sorts, with dark, goat-like antler, huge arms and a hunch-back. Its wings are long and thin, and when she flies she goes at an incredible speed of 30, and 40 while sprinting, making her the fastest adminsaur in the game. She had the second highest attack of any creature in the game, at 420. Her AOE attack makes her fly into the air, and then quickly smash back down, kicking up dust and damaging anything near it. She can be seen and used in ChickenEngineer’s other game, DragonVS.

Owned by: supernob123


????? also known as The Cube in Dinosaur Simulator

 ????? (more popularly known as cube)

????? (cube) was supposed to be ChickenEngineer’s developer dinosaur. It was originally a spinning black cube that could both fly and swim and seemed to be able to move at a fast speed, although this couldn’t be confirmed as most of its stats were unknown. It has 610,000 HP while an elder, 20 speed, 100 defense, and deals 2135 attack damage, making it easily the strongest creature in the game. ????? (cube) is also one of the few creatures that changed the design as it grew. It started off as being solid white during its baby/child stages, then when juvenile, it became a gray color. It kept this color until it turned adult, as it then became solid black. In early summer 2018, Chicken updated the model to have glowing rainbow spikes coming out of each face of the cube.

When it was released in late 2017, it was only owned by Chicken and a few real-life friends. However, when he was forced to remove the rest of the adminsaurs to make room for the current Megavore remodel, he gave the rest of the developers access to the creature.


Vexahias is a developer dinosaur that is owned by Jeffenette, MacRenee, and Wolfragon. This large Adminsaur resembles a dragon with a bird-like head, having small crystals floating above its back is similar to the Precursor skin for Tyrannotitan. It seems to draw a lot of inspiration from the Pokemon Dialga. Vexahias has the ability to both fly and swim, and is the fastest Adminsaur in the game. To keep it balanced, it has relatively low health, having 720 health while a baby and 4320 health as an elder. However, it also has a lot of bleed.

Only MacRenee and Wolfragon have access to the Vexahias now (however they've become very inactive within the game and development overall and the Vexahias hasn't been seen for a very long time).


Scylla Concept

Concept drawing of Scylla made by supernob123.

Scylla is a developer dinosaur that is owned by supernob123. It is the same creature that made it to the finals of the 2018 Hybrid Contest.


Screenshot of Scylla in Dinosaur Simulator

It resembles a giant grey quadrupedal carnivore with a green tail of a marine reptile and scythes for front limbs. The most notable detail is its mouth. Its downer jaw is split into two parts, each ending with a giant tooth. Behind the head its got three pairs of scales who can move which probably are ears. On its scythes and sides it has glowing lines. Its back is covered in armor similiar to that of a Megavore. Its the only adminsaur confirmed to be a hybrid, even though its unknown of what creatures. As its creator and owner, supernob123, confirmed, it is blind and uses echolocation to

orientate. It was intended to be a water creature who had moistness on land, but for unknown reasons it isn't.

It is incredibly powerful, being only outed by ????? and the Cactus as far as strength goes. It has 9600 health, 25 speed, 50 defense, and 600 attack. To put that into perspective, it's twice as fast as Violex Behemoth, has same defense, 210 more damage, and about a Brachiosaurus more in health. It is totally unbalanced and is currently the third strongest Adminsaur.

It recently got a buff with 9760 health, 25 speed, 50 defense, and 610 attack.

Interestingly it has different animations than the Scylla model that would have been released to DS if Scylla had won the art contest.

Owned by: supernob123


Alligaterror Art

Drawing of the Alligaterror by MacRenee.

Alligaterror is an adminsaur dinosaur that is owned by all of the users with the rank “Moderator” on the Unhatched Games Discord. Note the quotations, as the Alligaterror isn’t owned by developers for the game. With Lucy being replaced by Scylla, Alligaterror came in decked out with Lucy like animations, attacks, appearance and even has the same Sounds. Alligaterror is able to swim unlike Lucy but does not have the ability to fly as Lucy did. Alligaterror received a remake on August 15th, 2020 in version 10.2.0 and the 'Lucy V2' look was no longer apart of Alligaterror. Alligaterror's remake looks more like it's AOK version and is larger than the previous model.

Alligaterror has 3160 HP, 214 attack, 45 defense, and 20-25 speed. Its Growth Rate Multiplier is 0.8 and has no thirst or oxygen, but only has 240 hunger. It gives a lot of bleed, and it can overpower (facetank) every single 'normal dinosaur' in game. It has massive range and an AOE attack around the size of Baro's.

Despite being the weakest Adminsaur in the game stats-wise, it can wipe out entire servers if the user uses its incredibly large range.

Owned by: Unhatched Games Discord Moderators, being: rohitsawesome (Xeno's Son) BiggV (Vonk) Hurricane_Lordus (Hurricane Lord) Mr_Markieh (M3rk) Vespertine_J (Vesp) AbyssalLagiacrus75 (Dillon) DaSnappleApple (Froggy) maplems (Emma) Knightak (Knightak) METABARS (Phoenix) thepikmin345 (Dino) and Maple_Nine (Maple)

Mad Al

Mad Al is a Saurophaganax who is holding a shotgun and is wearing dark glasses and a jetpack. It doesn't have amazing stats like most other Adminsaurs - in fact, it has the stats of a normal Saurophaganax including the side stats such as an Oxygen bar of 10. The exception is its hilarious Attack stat of 1500, which is the highest Attack stat in the game as for now. It is possible it can have a better range than a Saurophaganax but it’s not confirmed.

Owned by: koekjeszijnlekker



A picture of Overmoth Model

Zamoth (now called Overmoth) resembles a giant brown bipedipal carnivore with formations of stones on its back, underbelly, and sides, a tail similar to an ankylosauridae's, but made of stone and glowing red dots on its sides. On its forehead and jaw its got two pairs of big stone spikes, looking very similar to the Megavore’s. Its mouth and eyes are neon-orange. It recently got a remodel (not currently ingame), now looking much smoother than its previous model, it has been confirmed to be added into the game.

Extremely little is known about its stats, other for the fact that it has 22448 health at elder. It is also a confirmed omnivore.

Owned by: The_BladeNinja



Zweinova-Exa in Dinosaur Simulator

Replaced with Apocalios/Made a skin for Tarbosaurus

Coming in strong with a new addition to the Adminsaurs, Zweinova-Exa is a dev variant of the Zenova skin for the Puertasaurus. It is an enormous, steel dragon. It has very colorful scythes on its arms, four very colorful, translucent wings, huge, iron legs that resemble a theropods, and an enormous tail. It stands tall and hunched. It is also a rare boss in Chickens other game, Monster Madness Survival. One side of its wings and scythes are orange, the other side is blue.

Almost nothing is known about its stats, other than the fact that it has 25303 health at elder.

Owned By: Zotoro_Yong (Previously known as Yongmania)



A picture of Apocalios Model

A Developer Dinosaur added in 2020. It is the second Devsaur to advertise Monster Madness Survival.

Apocalios Stats include 732 Damage, 23 Walk Speed, 100 Defense, and 9150 Health (Elder Stats)

Owned by: Zotoro_Yong

King Novagon


Official concept art for King Novagon

An upcoming adminsaur which will be owned by Xeno, the Unhatched Games community manager. It will be slightly larger than Lucy, with a similar bipedal-dragon appearance along with the ability to fly. Unlike Lucy, King Novagon will have visible armor and will wield a large hammer. On release, its adult stats are planned to be 50,000 health, 10,000 damage, 200 defense, 30 speed when walking and 35 speed while sprinting (fly speed is unknown). This would place it as possibly the most powerful creature to ever be added into the game. The abnormally high stats are intended to be used to kill exploiters. While there isn't a set release date yet, it's predicted to be added in early-mid Summer 2020.

To be Owned by: Xenoomorph


  • The “Chickenosaurus,” which is a skin for Avimimus, was originally supposed to be a skin only for the developers, using a promo code only they knew. The community later figured out the code for the skin and it was no longer special. [citation needed]
  •  ?????’s sound is basically noises from Reaper, which is a giant thing from Mass Effect, a link to one of it's roars is [1].
  • The "Alligaterror" creature is based off of an AOK Kaiju with the same name.
  • Both Zweinova-Exa and Apocalios are based off of the Bosses in Monster Madness Survival.
  • Overmoth is The_BladeNinja's longtime Developer Dinosaur from his own games.
  • Cactus roars are music from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Cactus has a total of over 30 Animations


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