CarnivoreCarnivore IconCarnivores eat small lizards, other dinosaurs, and fish. Some of the strongest creatures in the game are CarnivoreCarnivore IconCarnivores. All aquatic creatures are CarnivoreCarnivore IconCarnivores. Animals like Arizonasaurus can climb and are scavengers which can only kill very small babies, eat fish and lizards, and steal from the true hunters. The medium CarnivoreCarnivore IconCarnivores like Allosaurus or Prognathodon can try attacking bigger animals and swim to lakes in order to ambush animals. Finally, the apexes like Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus are not a subject to mess with due to their damage, health, and bleed. You should run away from these instantly if you can't fight well.


HerbivoreHerbivore IconHerbivores eat ferns and trees. Trees are only consumable in spring and summer. Some HerbivoreHerbivore IconHerbivores like the Yandusaurus are easy prey. Most of these prey items are quite speedy, while on the other hand, you have the ones that a small or medium-sized animal shouldn't mess with like Therizinosaurus, Futalognkosaurus or Styracosaurus. Towering over all of these by the means of damage, health, and height are the sauropods. They shouldn't be messed with and you should stay away from them if you aren't experienced in fighting.  


OmnivoreOmnivore IconOmnivores eat both meat and plants, meaning all the food sources listed above are valid sources of food. When an omnivore inspects a fern, it will provide the carnivore tool-tip. Omnivores are the weakest of the three diet classes. The Gigantoraptor and Deinocheirus are both the most powerful of all the Omnivores. They are all bird-like, non-avian dinosaurs and are extremely fast. Animals like Avimimus are fast and weak, making them scavengers and unable to fight. The Gallimimus is able to hunt instead of scavenging, making it a nightmare for babies. The gigantic Deinocheirus and Gigantoraptor are the only ones besides the Gallimimus able to defend themselves from large predators.  


  • Diets are a way to classify dinosaurs, based on a food source.  
  • Diets can also change the play style for certain animals.
  • The Balaur and Troodon used to be able to climb and the said Balaur is the first animal with the ability to glide, the only other being the recently released hybrid Avinychus.
  • The Deinocheirus is the only OmnivoreOmnivore IconOmnivore that is able to swim.
  • The Wendigo Therizinosaurus was updated to be an OmnivoreOmnivore IconOmnivore.