Diplodocus (Dip-lodd-ocuss) is a famous sauropod dinosaur that is usually depicted defending itself against a pack of Allosaurus. Its name means "Double beam".


Once an easily overlooked sauropod, recent updates have resulted in a more formidable Diplodocus. The Diplodocus is now statistically superior to the Giraffatitan and comparable to even the Brachiosaurus. When used correctly, it can be considered deadly. It uses its tail to attack. It also can climb remarkably well.

Real Life

In real life it was a 25 meter long sauropod that lived on North America at the end of the Jurassic period and was preyed by Allosaurus and similar apex predators.


  • Originally, the current Diplodocus model was going to be a remake for the Barosaurus.

The original model for the Diplodocus.


It is tan peach in color with black eyes and blocky model. It has a long skinny body with white toes.


  • Like all blocky and old models, it has trouble moving properly.