“The trunk of the Ectenosaurus was fairly rigid and Ectenosaurus most probably had a tail fluke too.”


The Ectenosaurus (drawn-out lizard) is one of the weakest and one of the smallest sea predators in the game, along with it being one of the least well known. Due to it being both weak and fast, most players scavenge when using this, eating drowned animals and the prey of larger sea predators. Since it can outswim most threats, it can live near other creatures without having to worry about being hunted down. It is recommended not to fight; to just eat fish and scavenge. If the player wants to fight like an “ankle-biter,” all they have to do is hit the target and swim away, then repeat this tactic until the player kills their target. This can be hard as the Ectenosaurus though, as it may be grabbed by whatever its attacking, leading to a near certain death. It lived in Texas and Kansas, in the Cretaceous 86-83 MYA. It came out in the update that also added creatures like the Fresnosaurus, Balaur, and Tarbosaurus.


It is a small, bulky mosasaur. Its back is grey-blue and its belly is white, and it is really blocky for the time of its release and for the Dinosaur Simulator model standards of today. Despite this, it's well animated. Some players may call it the “sea potato.” It looks like a modern-day manatee or dugong only with a carnivore-like head.


  • It’s the weakest Mosasaur out of the three Mosasaurs available to play as in-game.
  • The fact that it has a low-quality model with good animations makes it very unique in that aspect.
  • The model of this creature was made around 2015-2016 and was later added without any improvements in the model.
  • It is one of the most obscure genera of the organisms added to Dinosaur Simulator alongside Chilantaisaurus.
  • Many people find this model adorable.
  • It is quite a bad creature to play as.

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