The Eotriceratops (dawn three-horned face), commonly referred to as Eotrike or Eotrice was one of the largest Ceratopsians, Eotriceratops is one of the strongest dinosaurs in the game. Immense damage, good defense, and a large attack range, not to mention that it's one of the only herbivores that cause bleed makes it a war machine on par with the murderous Triceratops.

It lived during the Late-Cretaceous Period and was released in the 5.6.0 update along with creatures like the Mastodonsaurus and Tarbosaurus. It is basically a nerfed version of the Triceratops but with SpeedSpeed Icon +1 speed. Fortunately, a recent update nerfed the speeds of Eotriceratops and Triceratops.


The Dinosaur Simulator model is quite accurate to drawings by professionals, being mainly dark brown with the head and array of patterns detailed as yellow. It also has slightly curved grey horns, frill edge, and jaw.


Model made by: koekjeszijnlekker


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