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If you don't add your own image/Drawing it'll be made to fit the description, so remember to make a detailed description.


Name:Allospinus europaeus meaning "Different spine of Europe"

Story/Evolution: A weird member of the carcharodontosauridae and a relative of the Concavenator and probably Becklespinax. It is a highly derived member of this clade and evolved to be a semi-aquatic herbivore, living in swamps and lagoons of the Early Cretaceous about 139.8 - 100.5 MYA in Europe, mainly in Spain, Germany, Portugal and Poland. It harvests aquatic vegetation with its long claws and upper lip. It's claws and legs are also used in defence against predators, kicking and swipping to injure enemies. It is the size of the Saurophaganax in the game and has quills on it's head and arms used to attract mates and scare off predators.

AOE - kicks the target.

Normal Attack - swipes it's claws at the target.



If this dino was popular in Jurassic Park, why not should it become popular in DS too? Velociraptor was a pretty small dino, contrary to what is shown in Hollywood. It lived in the late Cretaceous Period in north and central Asia.



A huge Titanosaur from North America that lived in the Cretaceous Period. I really want this creature added into the game, because my friend Louanne1231 suggested it to me. She even wanted a horn on top of its head!

Defense: 20 (Due to the theory that Alamosaurus had armor, just like Saltasaurus.)

Speed: 21 (Base), 14 (Max)

GRM: 1.5

Since my Alamosaurus model looks like Titanosaurus, and it has the same elder health and speed, it could also be the remake for the Titanosaurus.


Name: Fluffsaurus extremeicus, meaning "Extremelly fluffy lizard"

Defence: 30 (Because of feathers)


A close relative of the small Australian ornithopod, Leaellynasaura which probably was nearly entirelly covered with feathers because of it's cold envoirment. It is addapted for running fast, which gives it a giant advantage on escaping from predators. It's thick and fluffy feathers make predators struggle to bite into it's flesh which isn't very tasty. It produces loud honks with the use of it's throat pouch used in communicating with it's kin. It is the size of the Maiasaura.

AOE - Swings it's fat, fluffy tail at the target.



Baby Speed- 38

Elder Speed- 24

A long-legged crocodile that adapted to hunt on land during the Cretaceous period


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