Futalognkosaurus (Foo-ta-long-koh-soar-uhs) (giant chief lizard) is a genus of Titanosaurian dinosaur. The HerbivoreHerbivore IconHerbivore Futalognkosaurus lived approximately 87 million years ago in the Portezuelo Formation, in what is currently Argentina.

With formerly a base movement speed of SpeedSpeed Icon 18 at adulthood, the Futalognkosaurus was once the fastest sauropod in Dinosaur Simulator. While the Futalognkosaurus may not have appeared appear statistically impressive with mediocre health, its lengthy attack range, speed, strength, and large AOE radius quickly eliminated small to medium sized creatures.

Any creature that a Futalognkosaurus deems too formidable may simply be avoided due to its high movement speed. It would be advised that you run sideways though, as other dinosaurs can get at your neck and tail.


It has a blocky model and features simplistic animation. It is completely dark blue in color. It has white toes along with black beady eyes.


The Futalognkosaurus is getting a confirmed remake, as there is one in ChickenEngineer’s inventory. The remodel has an upright neck and is white, black, and navy blue. It is unknown when it will get released, but many people really want it to be already.