Although it seems to be a weaker Murusraptor, it is not recommended. It is downright horrible by the means of stats, it is recommended to play as a scavenger as it can run fast, has really bad damage like most scavengers and has bad health. However, it has some pretty good roars of which sound horrifying and terrible to hear.

On the Gallus Island, it is a slightly different story as it can hide in the many burrows scattered about. There its smaller size and dark coloration allow it to easily maneuver through the tunnels and be very hard to spot. Skilled players can take on creatures up to the size of an elder Mastodonsaurus inside the tunnels. Weirdly enough, it's bigger than an infant Allosaurus in its baby form.


In the game, the Guanlong is a small Cassowary-like Carnivorous proceratosaurus with a crest on its light brown head, light brown arms and legs and a coating of brown, primitive feathers. Its model is so far one of the most accurate ones in the game. It has black eyes with white pupils.

Real Life

The Guanlong (Gwan-long) (crowned dragon) was a genus of small proceratosaurid dinosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic Period in the Shishugou Formation of China. It was a small predator which hunted animals like Yinlong, Limusaurus and Kryptodrakon. That was only a beginning to what it's bigger relatives, the Tyrannosaurs would do in the future except with bigger animals, hunting azhdarchid Pterosaurs like Quetzalcoatlus, ceratopsians like Triceratops and the other types of prey.


  • It once had a glitch in which it as a baby and juvenile, it tended to spin and get flung out of the map. Flinging would stop at adulthood; however, it spun around forever and walked leaning sideways. Activating Shift Lock/1st Person and jumping would temporarily solve this issue.
  • While idle as a juvie or baby, sometimes its head goes through its neck.

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