ChickenEngineer decided to create an art contest for a new buyable Hybrid that would be able to challenge Albino Terror and Megavore. It currently costs DNA IconDNA Icon 200K. The hybrid will be buyable forever.

There were multiple hybrids going through choosing before Avinychus won.


The Avinychus won the contest and is already in the game! It's at DNA IconDNA Icon 200k and it's not going limited!


The Avinychus's model in-game.

The contest is over. You can't submit hybrids anymore.


In alphabetical order:

Avinychus by Mac_Renee

Avinychus Concept

Nimble theropod hybrid that's able to quickly cover distances by gliding.

(Carnivore / Gliding)

Brute by Spooky

Brute Concept

Large predatory hybrid

(Carnivore / Terrestrial)

Coelaruatlus by TimmyTrex

Coelaruatlus Concept

Nimble theropod hybrid with horns.

(Omnivore / Aquatic / Gliding)

Duradoro by Fumple-Wumper

Duradoro Concept

Large turtle-like hybrid with supposedly high defense stats.

(Herbivore / Terrestrial)

Jì shēng by N.Z.

Ji Sheng Concept

Insectoid predator hybrid that's able to glide and climb.

(Carnivore / Gliding)

Macrotherium by Tuxx, Ichimatsu, and Jackal

Macrotherium Concept

Herbivorous hybrid with gorilla-like movement.

(Herbivore / Terrestrial)

Magnatitan by dinodj and asianskrub

Magnatitan Concept

Brightly colored large sauropod hybrid with spikes and osteoderms.

(Herbivore / Terrestrial)

Plumanare by Xiao

Plumanare Concept

Large amphibious Mosa/Pue/Balaur mix.

(Herbivore / Semiaquatic)

Raimei by KillaKababs and Wind

Raimei Concept

Large herbivorous hybrid with plates and thagomizer.

(Herbivore / Terrestrial)

Scylla by supernob123

Scylla Concept

A blind hybrid that senses by making eerie clicking noises (echolocation). Only able to stay on land for a limited period of time.

(Carnivore / Semi-aquatic)

Wapajuvenator by fanasman

Wapajuvenator Concept

Large, cumbersome theropod hybrid with a whale-like rectangle-shaped skull and a powerful set of jaws.

(Carnivore / Semi-aquatic)
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