The Iguanodon (igg-wan-oh-don) (iguana tooth) is a iguanodontid dinosaur that lived in the Early Cretaceous Period or even the Late Jurassic and was widely distributed across the world in the Mesozoic. In-game, its growl sounds like a low pitched version of the Roblox death sound oof.


Iguanodon has a mostly dark grey body with some lighter stripes on its back. There are small "spikes" running down its back to its tail. Its head it wider near the cheek and is smaller past that point. Its bill is yellow and the top jaw curves down over the bottom one. Its hind legs are dark grey like the rest of the body and go from very thick at the top to skinnier on the leg. The feet on the Iguanodon's hind legs are mostly flat with brown toes sticking out. Its front feet have their toes point out sideways, and the spike thumb facing to the front.

Real Life

Iguanodon was the second ever dinosaur discovered, the first one discovered being Megalosaurus. Iguanodon was named after the iguana-like teeth that were found, which helped create the concept of dinosaurs being giant lizards. The thumb spike of Iguanodon was formerly believed to be a nose horn in the 19th century. Among the most famous dinosaur depictions of all time was a statue of a fat Komodo Dragon-like lizard with a spiked nose simply crawling around (it is in England). Iguanodon was not, in fact, a hadrosaur, but only a related ornithopod.


  • With update Ver[7.2.0] it was heavily buffed, it is incredibly strong and can defend itself properly now with a whopping HealthHealth Icon 1560 and DefenseDefense Icon 30 stats, along with DamageDamage Icon 180.

The original skin for the Iguanodon. Like all blocky models, it cannot move properly.


It has a lime green body with a grey beak, black dots for eyes and giant white claws which makes it very inaccurate since from what we know, all ornithopods didn't have massive claws.