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Kentrosaurus (Ken-tro-soar-uhs) (spiked lizard) was a medium-sized stegosaurid that lived in the Late Jurassic Period. Kentrosaurus is a Dinosaur that is less used than other Creatures in the game, this is due to its model and its stats.


The Kentrosaurus has multiple light brown spikes on its back, it also has a grey beak, and colors of earth green and white, the white is on the lower body and parts of the tail


The Remodel of Kentrosaurus is incorrect because it doesn't have spikes on its sides to its real life counterpart

the original version of kentrosaurus


It possesses orange spikes and plate-like scutes on its back and shoulders. Its body is pale brown with a small, orange-beaked head. It also possesses a stiff tail, sprawled front limbs, and erect legs. It also has a spine sticking out of its shoulders.