Liopleurodon (Lie-oh-plurr-oh-don) (smooth-sided tooth) is a medium sized pliosaur from the Middle to Late Jurassic Period, 160-155 MYA. It lived near the shores of Europe which was a series of archipelagos, living with many other marine animals like the Leedsichthys and Cryptoclidus. It mainly hunted on small plesiosaurs, and Ichthyosaurs.


It is a dark blue countershaded marine reptile with a white underside. Its head is pretty big, getting slimmer closer to the snout with some teeth perfect for catching marine animals with. It is also quite small in size. It is more streamline based than the combat-based Kronosaurus Boyacensis. Its model's material resembles Allosaurus's. It also appears to have green eyes covering the white circle around it which it the same color as the underbelly. It needs reanimations.


  • This pliosaur was interpreted inaccurately in the 1999 BBC Documentary "Walking with Dinosaurs" being almost as big as a blue whale while in reality it was the size of two human beings.
  • The Rhomaleosaurus is also made with material similar to the Liopleurodon's model.

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