The Omnivore Class

OmnivoreOmnivore IconOmnivores are a class of dinosaurs that can simultaneously eat both plants and meat. They are arguably the easiest type to play due to food being very easy to come by. They have an almost perfect balance between health and attack power, the best of both worlds, mirroring their Diet. They tend to be loners, often sharing food with HerbivoreHerbivore IconHerbivores, or scavenging from the corpses that the CarnivoreCarnivore IconCarnivores leave behind, or even attempting to hunt if they feel brave enough and it's big enough. One example of an omnivore is the Ornithomimus, being the default.

Larger omnivores like Gigantoraptor are capable of being formidable threats to even dedicated carnivores due to their eating habits allowing them to grow to adulthood at an accelerated rate.

Balaur used to be an Omnivore but the developers made it fully Carnivorous for unknown reasons.

List of Omnivores (in alphabetical order)

  1. Avimimus
  2. Deinocheirus
  3. Gallimimus
  4. Gigantoraptor
  5. Ornithomimus
  6. Troodon