Terrestrial Information


Tyrannosaurus, the "king" of the dinosaurs.

The terrestrial dinosaur class is a type of dinosaur along with arieal class that are exclusive to the land. The terrestrials have an efficient running speed while using small amounts of stamina. Some examples of terrestrial dinosaurs include the Barosaurus, the Albino Terror and the tiny Ornithomimus. Although there are exceptions such as the Spinosaurus, which can swim and hold their breath for around 100 seconds as adult.


  • Class with the highest amount of Health in the game.
  • Generally deals the most amount of Damage in the game.
  • Biggest dinosaurs of in the game are in the Terrestrial Class.


  • Has the inability to fly or glide.
  • Large terrestrial dinosaurs have a slow Speed on land.
  • Has extremely slow Speed in water, thus being prone to attack.
  • Can not stay submerged for long periods of time.
  • Food can sometimes be hard to find for herbivores.

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