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The Update Log page documents all of the history and updates in Dinosaur Simulator. This page was recently created and is missing information on the older updates and still needs copying and formatting of all the updates from the game’s settings option on the Main Menu.

Update Log List


  • Date: April 1st 2022
  • Added the player's avatar riding on every creature's back


  • Date: March 24th 2022
  • Added Scyllaβ
  • Hybrids restats


  • Date: August 16th 2021
  • Added Tarbosaurus Remodel
  • Added Clouds


  • Date: August 10th 2021
  • Added Deinosuchus Remodel along with 2 skins named Corrupted Deinosuchus and Flame Demon Deinosuchus


  • Date: May 10th 2021
  • Added Deep Sea Megavore, Mayhem Toaster, and readded thanksgiving gigantoraptor


  • Date: April 28th 2021
  • Added Allosaurus and Saurophaganax Remodels


  • Date: April 26th 2021
  • Added Dankylosaurus


Date: March 29th 2021

  • Fish spawns more often
  • Plushies Remodel


Date: March 19th, 2021
  • Speed Changes:
    • Swimming Up/Down Speed now goes off your walkspeed
      • With a minimum of 10 speed
    • While Flying/Gliding down and forward you drop down at 1.5x your walkspeed
  • Added in Spinosaurus Remodel | Model: servez_2build, SirBlameson, Anims: SirBlameson
  • Added in Elasmosaurus Remodel | Model: servez_2build | Anims by Diablovenator
  • Added in Jellyray Elasmosaurus Remodel | Model: servez_2build | Anims: Senior_Puertasaurus
  • Added Draconus Elasmosaurus | Model: servez_2build | Anims by SirBlameson
    • On-sale for 4,000 DNA
  • Added in Gargoyle Hatzegopteryx reanimated by SirBlameson
  • kaiju Giraffatitan is now off-sale and limited
  • T tracking set from 250 to 750


Date: March 12th, 2021
  • Purussaurus was added.
  • Added Coelphysis Remodel.
  • Added Kaiju Giraffatitan skin for Giraffatitan.
  • Default Map Edits
  • Restats


Date: March 10th, 2021
  • Added Kentrosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Shastasaurus remodel, and Albino Rex remodel.
  • Restats


Date: February 12th, 2021
  • Added Tusoteuthis Remodel
  • New Winter Map
  • Restats
  • Default Map Edits


Date: January 23th, 2021
  • Grabbing Creatures still use RodConstraint
  • Grabbing Eggs now uses weld
  • Follow a friend fixed
  • Added small improvements to the script for performance


Date: January 18th, 2021[1]


Date: January 15th, 2021
  • Rakemother Brachiosaurus is now a herbivore
  • Lusotitan Remake by SirBlameson
  • Hothead Megavore Reanimations by SirBlameson
  • Cryptic Saurophaganax by SirBlameson was added for 7,500 DNA
  • Classics now have their old sounds that they originally owned.
  • Map edits by servez2build
  • Restats by servez2build
  • Sarcosuchus reanimated
  • AI now spawns on ground only
  • Lizards and Ferns spawn increased
  • Lizards give 10, 20, and 40 hunger instead of 5, 10, 15
  • Fixed thunder sound
  • Fixed flood and drought not occuring
  • GAB now has it's own roar, growl, and call animations


Date: January 9th, 2021
  • Fixed Classics by maple have been reverted back
  • "Homeland" returns to ds with a nice quality of life update by servez_2build
  • Spawns set to random for 1 week
    • Now you would no longer be on a random spawn while growing your creatures
  • Seasons now have different atmosphere setting
  • Default combat music is back
  • Restats
  • Re-added Rekkusu Destroyer of Worlds back to Dinosaur Simulator with a remodel


Date: December 3rd, 2020[2]
  • Devasaur no longer spawn


  • Find the a crow's feather in order to unlock the skin "Crow Istiodactylus" Rarity: Very Common
  • Find the a raven's feather in order to unlock the skin "Raven Hatzegopteryx" Rarity: Uncommon
  • Find the a withered branch in order to unlock the skin "Withered Willow Futalognkosaurus" Rarity: Very Rare
  • Terranotus promo code skin.
  • Crimson Terranotus devasaur.


Date: November 30th, 2020[3]
  • Trading was reopened
  • first person for mobile and xbox was fixed
  • added RequestStreaming
  • updated teleporting
  • DNA now has normal price
  • Black Friday is over :-(
  • fixed message box glitch
  • database was fixed on the trading map
  • Added new tradable items: Luminescent Avinychus, Pitch Luminescent Avinychus, Pitch Avimimus, Pitch Apatosaurus, RakeBaby Guanlong, Juramaia


Date: November 28th, 2020
  • added Luminescent Avinychus remodel
  • Fixed Dinosaur Selection Menu
  • Added Pitch Luminescent Avinychus
  • GAB, Blackodile, Headlessaurus, Pitch Black Terror, Pitch Apatosaurus, Krampus, and RakeBaby Guanlong were put back on sale
  • Galactic Egg back on sale


Date: November 27th, 2020
  • added Luminescent Avinychus and Thanksgiving Gigantoraptor remodels
  • Put Albino Terror, Megavore, and Cyber Ichthyovenator on sale
  • Avinychus is now 100,000 DNA
  • added Pitch Black Avimimus
  • All DNA Products give 2x DNA
  • Trading is disabled


Date: November 23th, 2020
  • Added mobile control
  • increased zoom out for xbox players
  • added giganotosaurus remodel and female giganotosaurus
  • added anomalocaris skin
  • fixed aoe doubled range bug


  • Date: 22/11/2020
  • All models got a MaxRange of 65 studs for their AOE


  • Date: 22/11/2020
  • Adjusted range to interact with things in the game


  • Date: 22/11/2020
  • AOE now covers the whole creature's model
  • AOE's CD is now 5
  • All ranges were updated based on the model's size
  • Sauropods now do only 15% more BaseDamage


  • Date: 22/11/2020
  • AOE was adjusted


  • Date: 22/11/2020
  • ranges were adjusted


  • Date: 22/11/2020
  • updated the range and aoe of all creatures


  • Date: 18/11/2020
  • Added Torvosaurus Remodel
  • Added Female Torvosaurus
  • Added Ingeous Teravore Devasaur
  • Zomvinychus is off sale


  • Date: 13/11/2020
  • Fixed Dark Lord Sauroniops being a herbivore


  • Date: 13/11/2020
  • Added Jelly Joy Concavenator for 200M Visits
  • Added remodels for Concavenator, Sauroniops, and Dark Lord Sauroniops


Date: 10/11/2020
  • Halloween 2020 part 2 was released -
  • Released the Zomvinychus for 16,000, will go limited on 16.11.2020
  • Candies were temporarliy removed and will be released again when Hallowraptor comes
  • Now you can eat leaves from the halloween map
  • The bloom effect was decreased
  • random spawns have turned off


Date: 26/10/2020
  • Halloween 2020 part 1 was released.
  • Halloween Ambience and the map Rimor Mountains was released.
  • Added Pop Candy Pachycephalosaurus and Infected Camarasaurus.
  • Added candies which can be found across the map.


Date: 30/9/2020
  • Most 'Classic' Dinosaur Models/Skins with scripted animations should be able to move/climb correctly

List: Black Mirage Dilophosaurus, Classic Acrocanthosaurus, Classic Aegisuchus, Classic Albertosaurus, Classic Albino Terror, Classic Allosaurus, Classic Apatosaurus, Classic Brachiosaurus, Classic Carcharodontosaurus, Classic Ceratosaurus, Classic Corythosaurus, Classic Dacentrurus, Classic Deinocheirus, Classic Dilophosaurus, Classic Diplodocus, Classic Euoplocephalus, Classic Giganotosaurus, Classic Gigantoraptor, Classic Ichthyovenator, Classic Iguanodon, Classic Megavore, Classic Ornithomimus, Classic Parasaurolophus, Classic Pitch Black Terror, Classic Plateosaurus, Classic Pteranodon, Classic Quetzalcoatlus, Classic Saltasaurus, Classic SaltasaurusV2, Classic Sarcosuchus, Classic Sarcosuchus, Classic Saurophaganax, Classic Sauroposeidon, Classic Shunosaurus, Classic Spinosaurus, Classic Stegosaurus, Classic Styracosaurus, Classic TRex, Classic Therizinosaurus, Classic Titanosaurus, Classic Triceratops, Classic Tyrannotitan, Classic Utahraptor, Deep Jungle Triceratops, Fossil Brachiosaurus, Icicle Styracosaurus, Movie Brachiosaurus, Movie Triceratops, Scarred TRex, Thanksgiving Gigantoraptor

  • Bots changed up to work better


Date: 30/9/2020
  • New Combat Music (By HotheadMegavore)
  • There are now several different types of NPC/Bot Dinosaurs and will sometimes spawn in different ways


Date: 15/8/2020[4]
  • Carcharocles Megalodon is back on sale.
  • Flare and Tide badges can be unlocked by finding the Yin, and Yang badges found around the map!
    • Badge symbols made by Hunterrio_n.
  • Luminescent Avinychus and Carcharocles Megalodon will go off-sale on 17.8.2020 8 pm EST.


Bug fixes

  • Yin bite animation
  • Yang growl loop animation


Date: 8/14/2020[5]
  • Fixed fishie spawns.


Date: 8/14/2020[6]
  • Map and stat Revisions by Servez_2build & fea_rr.
  • Spawns are set to random until because of old saved positions that may be under the map.

Balance Changes

  • Buffs:
    • Ankylosaurus range
    • Albino Terror range
    • Avinychus health and range
    • Baryonyx range
    • Diplodocus AOE
    • Eotriceratops range
    • Giraffatitan range
    • Megavore range
    • Puertasaurus range
    • Shantungosaurus range
    • Spinosaurus range
    • Titanosaurus AOE
  • Nerfs:
    • Apatosaurus AOE
    • Barosaurus AOE
    • Brachiosaurus AOE
    • Corythosaurus range
    • Classic Saurophaganax range
    • Futalognkosaurus range
    • Frosted and Rainbow Tyrannosaurus range
    • Glass Mosasaurus range
    • Kaiju Sauroposeidon damage and health
    • Puertasaurus AOE
    • Saurolophus health
    • Rakemother range
  • Adjustments:
    • Galactic Acrocanthosaurus description
    • Leedsichthys AOE/range
    • Sarcosuchus attack and speed
    • Solar Bringer Megavore AOE/range
    • Tyrannosaurus AOE/range

Bug Fixes

  • Avinychus description error.
  • Azazel not being able to attack anything (was supposed to be fixed with Mapusaurus last update).
  • Missing Jack-o-Lantern Archelon credits.


Date: 7/24/2020
  • Stats Revisions for Various Dinosaurs
  • Salta new sounds
  • Solar Bringer Megavore
  • Description Revisions for Dinosaurs/Skins.
  • Random Spawns fixed to Saved Spawns


Date: Presumably after Ver[10.1.7] and before Ver[10.1.8]
  • Unknown, but probably bug fixes.


Date: 7/1/2020
  • The default map has been changed to an updated version of the old classic map done by fea_rr & Servez_2build.
  • The Database has been updated! This includes: Descriptions, Stats, and Ranges.


Note: The Ver[10.1.62] that was published in 5/2/2020 is the bug fixes version, while the Ver[10.1.62] that was published in 6/29/2020 is the version where private servers were made free.

Date: 5/2/2020
  • Bug Fixes
Date: 6/29/2020
  • Private servers are now free.


Date: 4/27/2020
  • Bug Fixes


Date: 4/22/2020
  • Range for some creatures changed.
  • Two dinosaurs' growth rates have changed:
    • Barosaurus is now 3.0, previously it was 2.5
    • Puertasaurus' skin Zenova is now 2.1


Date: 4/17/2020
  • Bug Fixes


Note: The description says Ver[10.1.6] but it was technically updated to Ver[10.1.51] in the servers.

Date: 4/17/2020
  • Made all the seagrass non-colliable.
  • Added most of the coral into replicated service to be streamed in.



  • Supersuchus Devasaur remodel
  • Fixes Juramaia


Date: 4/15/2020
  • Bug Fixes


Date: 4/14/2020
  • Bug Fixes



Date: 04/09/2020
  • Grinelle map was updated with the following changes:
    • New Birch Trees Area
    • Mushrooms


Date: 03/30/2020
  • An attempt to fix grabbing:
    • Grabbing changed from RodCOnstraint to Weld.
    • Grabbing things wouldn't dangle anymore.
    • Omnivores and Carnivores can grab an egg no matter their size.


Date: 03/29/2020
  • Developers can now add custom stats to dinosaurs.



  • Zweinova-Blank and Zenova's range has been buffed.
  • Fixed Albino Terror running in place while a juvenile.


Date: 03/28/2020


Date: 03/27/2020
  • Fish becomes more common.
  • Now you keep on Growth an X% of your hunger. For example, if you were a baby at 50% hunger you will be Juvenile with 50% hunger.
  • Pitch Black Apatosaurus' range was fixed.


  • Sea Monster Mosasaurus remodel by Zotoro_Yong


Date: 03/26/2020
  • Fixed Grabbing, now it must be smaller than your head and a volume smaller than 50


  • Tyrannotitan remodel by Jeffenette


Date: 25/3/2020

  • Fixes T for tracking


Date: 25/3/2020
  • More fixes on performance


  • Fixed not being able to attack after menuing and attacking
  • Fixed babies being invincible
  • Babies now count as AI


Date: 25/3/2020
  • Domitor Tyrannosaurus 150% rescale


Date: 25/3/2020
  • More Performance Updates
  • Beams and Attachments now resize on scale


  • Domitor Tyrannosaurus remodel by Blade_Ninja


  • Fixed Wyvern's wings


Date: 24/3/2020
  • Ground Effect for Dinosaurs that use the Stomp Attack
  • Multiple performance updates


  • Apocalios, a new Devasaur controlled by Zotoro_Yong


  • Angelic Coelacanth remodel by Wolfragon
  • Wyvern remodel by Wolfragon


  • Fixed Dimension Beast not sharing data with Fasolasuchus
  • Increased Baby and Juvenile Size to prevent it from falling off the map


Date: 23/3/2020
  • Ferns are more common (25 -> 100)


  • Zweinova-Blank by Zotoro_Yong
  • Dimension Beast by Zotoro_Yong


Date: 11/28/2019
  • DNA is on Sale for 50% OFF!
  • A default map has been added in (Spawns will be random until we can reset everyone's spawns)
  • Black Friday skins are on sale.


  • Apatosaurus V3, Shunosaurus V2, Brachiosaurus V3, and Maiasaura V2 remodels by fea_rr.


  • Pitch Black Apatosaurus by fea_rr
  • Wraith Terror, Pitch Wraith Terror, Golden Wraith Terror by kufa.


  • Added in anti-fling from MMS
  • Exploit script now doesn't count on the y-axis (so no "fall" damage)
  • Added in a Foliage Control Script for underwater foliage (Streams in foliage will update to work for bushes and trees later to prevent lag.
  • Grass on terrain is a Roblox feature that has yet to come to clients. Will be enabled live when Roblox enables the feature.

Missing Gap

if you know information, please add


Date: 12/25/18
  • Added re-stats v1.5.

ChickenEngineer: Roblox crashed on me when I added in V2 of re-stats. So when I reopened the file I forgot to re-add it, but I already added in some dino databases so I couldn't just copy and paste will go thru next time.


Date: 12/25/18
  • As a Christmas gift from Pokemantrainer The Wyvern devasaur will now be a playable as a Hatzegopteryx skin.
    • It will be released as the promo code “Pokemantrainer” on release.
    • Also this is a warning that if you unlock Wyvern you will be auto-kicked on other Maps besides the default until they are updated. As a precaution from exploiters, I have a script that auto kicks if you own a devasaur in your inventory.
  • The Promo code for Pizza Mapusaurus is: “drinnk.”

ChickenEngineer: I'm sorry to say that there will be no actual Christmas event to DS this year. We didn't plan one out this year sorry to say. As compensation, I've spent Christmas Eve (Today since I had free-time) to get some models that were backlogged so there's actually an update rather than none at all. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas I'll be updating the game shortly, and shutting down servers.




Date: 12/21/18

I've shut down servers to add a ban system that has been worked on by Cleafspear. I also added in extra conditions to my functions/events to prevent some exploits. The new stats are NOT finalized yet. I won't be here this weekend, and I do not want to leave some of the game-breaking exploits out. This new system will allow @Executioners to ban exploiters without me having to.

  • Fixes to spawning as Goldens, Diamonds, Glass etc.
  • Some exploits
  • Ban system
  • lower hp/dmg from baby-juvenile (The OVERALL time from baby-elder is still the same)
  • Some work in progress re-stats to dinosaurs by Fea_rr and those in #nerds
  • Changes Server Size to 20 (We'll see if we have problems with this and adjust in the future)
  • Added a fix to ban script where it only bans on new servers.
  • Gargolye Hatzegopteryx fixed on new servers
  • The new growth has not been applied to NPCs. I'll add this in next weak you'll be seeing someone shotable baby-juveniles likely.


Date: 12/17/18
  • Content from the Halloween 2018 event was removed.
  • Game was updated to use Roblox’s new lighting engine.


Date: 12/15/18


Date: 11/22/18




Date: 11/5/18

Bug Fixes

  • Now has working badge skins if you were able to get it from the glitchy obby.
  • Stage 1/2/3 Checkpoints not teleporting you at them even if you beat the previous stage. Random deaths frequently linked with R15/Rthro bodies.


Date: 11/4/18



Date: 10/31/18

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue Wraith Terror which sold for the price of DNA IconDNA Icon 22500. It is now limited and can not be bought with DNA.


Date: 10/30/18

Bug Fixes


Date: 10/30/18



Date: 10/26/18

Released Halloween 2018 Part 2.


  • Stat change to Lusotitan, it received a major buff.



  • Added a kick GUI for private sever owners.


Date: 10/22/18

Released Halloween 2018 Part 1.1.




Shrubs will now randomly spawn around the map in various sizes and can be used to hide in and are edible. They give less food than ferns. Other minor tweaks.


Date: 10/14/18

Bug Fixes

  • Fossil Pteranodon is fixed, and can be claimed. Added claiming fossils for mobile + Xbox users.


Date: 10/13/18

Released Halloween 2018 Part 1. See Fossil List for information and locations of all the fossils that became available.

Video showing the Fossil List GUI



Date: 9/23/18




The aquatic whale and dolphin themed skins and the three new Emojis are all exclusive to the WDC Donations Gamepass, which costs RobuxRobux400.


Date: ?/?/18



Date: ?/?/?/18


Missing Gap

ChickenEngineer has stopped releasing update notes in the settings menu in-game. If you know any updates missing in this section added them and include where you found it.


Date: 6/22/18




  • More behind the scenes model uploading to reduce the game file size.
  • Some exploit patches.


Date: 5/14/18



  • Behind the scenes model uploading to reduce the game file size.
  • Fixed not being able to eat other's eggs, and correctly naming your baby dinosaur when hovering over them.


Date: 4/23/18

A couple of classic skins were deleted. I’m reaching some kind of upload limit that gives me an error whenever the places file size is too large. I’ll find ways in the future to lessen this.


Date: 4/15/18
  • Rainbow Skins are now off-sale, and the Easter Event is over.
  • I’ll be updating trading most likely the following day.
  • Added in a sniffing mechanic to PC users. Pressing “T” as a carnivore will now show nearby food. This range for detecting food is increased the older you are.
  • Fixed Eggs not hatching.


Date: 4/7/18
  • Added in a terrain color change to go along with the seasons
  • Fixed the Fern Textures

All right so the April Fools’ Day Event is over! I’ll be announcing the 10 skins that will be limited below:

These Diamond skins will be the only tradeables in the trade lobby.

Now on to the late Easter Event + Details.

I’ve added in 101 Rainbow Skins. Basically takes the default dinosaur + changes each brick to a random color. These skins can be found in eggs that will spawn around the Map or can be purchased at the cost of 10kDNA*GROWTH_RATE.

When you find an egg click on it & receive a random skin. Repeats will be dud eggs & not award anything.

  • You are only allowed to have one of each skin.

ALL Rainbow skins will go off sale 4/15/18

10 of these skins will not be buyable and can only be found in eggs these include:


Date: 4/1/18
  • April Fools’ Day, & Happy Easter!

Alright so for the mini-event I've made all 101 default characters have a diamond skin. The cost for each skin will be 10kDNA*GROWTH_RATE.

Heres the gist in a week on 4/8/18 10 of these skins will end up limited, and I won't tell you guys which ones will be ;)

After 4/8/18 I'll update the trading map, & will release a limited Easter skin.

Things I have planned:

  • Being able to toggle locate your nest + new nests + new GUI.
  • Being able to hit a button to locate nearby prey as a Carnivore for energy.
  • Correct a lot of skins to go off default character stats.

I’ve been messing around with a lot of things behind the scenes.

Mainly exploits and I will be creating a ban system with in-game moderators. Sorry for the lack of dinos/skins also since it’s been hard to publish at its file size limit. So I’ve been also tinkering on how to reduce this.



Date: ?/?/?
  • DNA Rates are now affected by Growth Rates. The formula for DNA per day is Day.Value*GROWTH_RATE. With it rounding up, and the Day Value cap at 25.


Date: ?/?/?
  • Added in Growth Rates. Dinosaurs now have a different growth rate that affects growth times.


Missing Gap

Could not find archives for updates during this time period. If you know any updates missing in this section added them and include where you found it.


Date: 2/23/15
Note: The dinosaurs and skins added with this update use the animation editor.




Date: 2/4/16
  • Flying and swimming are now handled via Events instead of Functions, which reduces un-needed extra networking.
  • Added in FOV buttons allowing you to change your Field of View from 30-80.
    • Hold 2 to zoom in the FOV.
    • Hold 3 to zoom out the FOV.
  • Updated a corner of the map, or “Nesting Grounds.”


Date: 1/13/16
  • I’ve added in an AOE (Area of Effect) attack where everything around you takes damage when used. If they are in your pack they will not take damage. To toggle this effect press 1 on your keyboard. This has a 3-second cooldown and will cause your dinosaur to roar. No this does not mean a roar is doing the damage just like how a click is not how dinosaurs do damage. It just tells other dinosaurs what you did. Use your imagination (tail whip, body slams, or stomping). This Cooldown affects click cooldown. The range depends on how big your dinosaur is only two studs further than your click damage, but it’s capped at 20 studs.
  • Added in egg sizes, the bigger the dinosaur the bigger the egg and the more meat an egg will give.


Date: 1/13/16


Bug Fixes

  • Just an attempted fix for health glitch.
  • The Water filter, the blue transparency cover, now shoes for all dinosaurs. Dinosaurs that don’t swim will be more blinded by the cover than those that do swim.


Date: 12/21/15
  • Added a couple of Christmas Skins. Christmas skins spawn randomly around the map.
  • Added in Candy Canes that are edible by all.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Fish being able to walk on land.


Date: 11/28/15
  • The end of The Black Friday 2015 sale!
  • Skins now go off the sound folder of what it is a skin of, R is now for a “Roar” sound.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed it so that eggs don’t give infinite hunger anymore.


Date: 11/22/15



Bug Fixes

  • If a baby AI that was laid and was killed it will no longer still be able to grow if the dead body still exists.
  • Marine AIs will no longer drown underwater. (I wonder how I should deal w/ the mammals that gave live birth if ever added lewl)
Note: Should really add in some click commands on AI dinosaur to make them stay.


Date: 11/15/15

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Server-Sided swimming.


Date: 11/15/15




  • AIs now regenerate 1 health every 10 seconds
  • AIs now fight back if they have more HP than you.
  • Players now have a 5-second re-spawn time on death.
  • Players bodies on death now only last 180 seconds.
    • AI Dead bodies will still last 600 seconds.
  • Swimming is now Server-Sided
  • There’s a small wait() Debounce on flying and swimming now.
  • Adults can now lay eggs by pressing X.
    • Eggs cost 10 Hunger to reproduce and there's a 15-second Cooldown between each egg you can lay.
    • Eggs can be grabbed and placed, and also eaten by Carnivores or Omnivores.
    • Eggs take 180 seconds to hatch and will hatch into a baby version of the dinosaur that gave birth to it.
    • After 300 seconds the baby dinosaur will grow into a teen.
    • After 600 seconds the teen dinosaur will grow into an adult.
    • Once an Adult the AI will last up to 1800 seconds before despawning.
    • You can only lay up to three eggs. The dinosaurs that hatch will count as a lain egg count.
    • The dinosaur that hatch will follow it’s creator around.

WOO. Happy Thanksgiving guys :P

  • DNA cost will be reduced to 40% of what it is now.


Date: 10/30/15



Date: 10/28/15


Date: 10/16/15
  • Released a total of 6 fossil dinosaur skins pre-placed around the map that you can find, and unlock by clicking.
    1. Brachiosaurus
    2. Mosasaurus
    3. Spinosaurus
    4. Thalassomedon
    5. Tyrannosaurus Rex
    6. Utahraptor
  • MessageBoxs are now Modal so you can move your mouse to close it even if zoomed in all the way.
  • Ferns now have 100 tries to find a spot to be placed. Any more attempts will give it a 15-second cooldown before trying again.


Date: 9/30/15
  • Added some more areas you can climb out of from swimming.



Bug Fixes

  • Unions are now client-sided for characters, as it was accidentally made for parts only.


Date: 9/25/15[7]
  • Added more Xbox Controller support.


Date: 9/25/15
  • Added in some more Xbox Controller support.
  • AI count reduced to 50.
  • Weather no longer changes the terrain.
  • Trying to figure out a way to prevent scripts from timing out.


Date: 9/22/15



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where new players couldn’t play the game.
  • If you have a new dinosaur/skin in a new server and join an old one, your current dinosaur is automatically reverted to the Triceratops.


Date: 9/21/15[8]</ref>
  • Fixed some issues with ferns not spawning.


Date: 9/19/15
  • You no longer get instantly killed when reaching zero Hunger or Thirst, instead, you will continue to lose HP if either your Hunger or Thirst reaches below 10. If both reach below then you will lose HP twice as fast.
  • SteamingEnabled is now enabled, which makes the game to load only parts of the map that you are playing on at that time.
  • Increased it so that dead bodies last for 600 seconds instead of 180 seconds.
  • Number of Dinosaurs allowed on the server was increased to 50 from 40.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that caused disconnection.
  • No longer runs thunder off a thread, but inserted randomly into a loop.
  • Fixed spawning for some AIs going under the map.
    • AI pack spawning have been disabled & will be reactivated in a later update.


Date: 9/18/15

Bug Fixes

  • Ver[2.3.1] Fixes glitch where when you died and spawn you would be instantly killed.


Date: 9/18/15

Bug Fixes


Date: 9/18/15
  • New map!
  • Added in Main Menu and a way to go to Main Menu, for away from keyboard purposes.
    • Added in a help GUI with basic information.
  • AI dinosaurs now have health and damage randomly off the new system.
  • Ferns now only spawn on grass terrain max in spring set to 400.
  • New trees have been added.
  • InCombat status reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Leaving while InCombat now saves your stats, but reduces your current growth by 25%.


  • Added 4 new Dinosaurs.
    1. Unknown
    2. Unknown
    3. Unknown
    4. Unknown


Bug Fixes

  • Reduced Quetzalcoatlus damage.
  • Fixed it when the weather script creates too many threads it lags the server. Now runs off one thread.
  • You can no longer fly in the water.


Date: 9/11/15

Bug Fixes

  • If your character's position somehow goes past the boundaries of a Vector3(2500,2500,2500) re-joining or re-spawning will reset the position of the character. This is counter outrageous character positions if your character might somehow end up when you get flung, causing joining issues.


Date: 9/10/15
  • Added in Party Box for RobuxRobux100.
    • Party Box spawns DNA IconDNA Icon 50 into the air, when clicked on the user receives DNA IconDNA Icon 5.
    • Whoever spawns the Party Box cannot pick up the DNA themselves, but good job you made it rain DNA for the server. :3
  • Some stat revisions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where your stats get mixed up on save, and reload.


Date: 9/9/15

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed it where you sometimes have more Health / MaxHealth.
  • Updated CFrame of dead bodies when you grab them.


Date: 9/8/15

Bug Fixes

  • When you die the InCombat status forces you out of Combat, meaning you are now out of combat.
  • Fixed the two previously added Dinosaurs. Not being able to attack.
  • Damage on nests is now the damage dealt against other dinosaurs.


Date: 9/8/15




Date: 9/8/15
  • Hovering over a Dinosaur now shows its Health / MaxHealth.


Date: 9/8/15
  • Some decor on the ocean floor by isthislego090.
  • If you attack someone or you are attacked you be in a combat state. While in this state you will not be able to change dinosaurs. The duration of the combat state lasts 30 seconds. Getting attacked again while the timer is running will reset the duration back to 30 seconds.
  • While in combat, if leave the game it will no longer auto-save while you leave.
    • Note: switching dinosaurs saves the data on the dinosaur you switched to if you wish to manually save.
  • Added Growth Rate Multiplier to every dinosaur in the DataBase.
    • This has been set to one for every dinosaur but will be changed. Larger Dinosaurs will take longer to grow, while smaller dinosaurs will have a faster growth rate in a future update.

Bug Fixes

  • Kentrosaurus no longer has a BaseDamage of eight and was reduced to three.


Date: 9/6/15
  • Information on Dinosaurs now save. This includes position, health, hunger, age, and etc.
  • Dinosaurs now have new formulas for health and damage.
    • Damage = BaseDamageAgeGrowthPercentage
    • MaxHealth = BaseHealthAgeGrowthPercentage
  • Skins share the same data.
  • Skins will be getting de-buffs except for a few exceptions.

Bug Fixes

  • AI’s can now drown in respect to their heads and Water Level.
  • Fixes floods not animating along with the water level value.


Date: 9/4/15
  • Added borders to dinosaurs in the menu.
  • Added it so text shows for skins.


Bug Fixes

  • When grabbing a dead body it now positions it at the Head and not FakeHead.


Date: 9/2/15

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes glitch where after ice defrosts disasters no longer happen.


Date: 9/1/15




Date: 8/31/15
  • Blood now spawns as a sphere when attacking, and covers the floor as it collides with the terrain.
  • There’s a ⅓ a chance of water freezing during the winter for 60-180 seconds.
  • You can break certain parts of ice so that water can pour out to drink.
  • Leafs now give the Description “Are these edible?”

Bug Fixes


Date: 8/28/15



Date: 8/26/15

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes land dinosaurs not drowning under water.


Date: 8/26/15
  • Max Ferns that can spawn: spring – 150, summer – 125, fall – 100, and winter – 0 (Ferns that are left over from fall carry on to the winter they just don’t spawn during the winter.)


Date: 8/26/15


Date: 8/24/15

Bug Fixes

  • Animals that require water to breath no longer have unlimited oxygen.
  • Fixed Onchopristis.


Date: 8/24/15
  • Ferns no longer spawn in winter, and the max amount of ferns have been lowered in the spring and fall.
  • I've added in Twitter promo codes.
  • I added in a skin for Ornithomimus called “Twitter Ornithomimus.”
  • Added in a few caves here and there.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed CFrame placement when grabbing a dead dinosaur in your mouth.

Missing Gap

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Date: 8/17/15[9]

Bug Fixes


Date: 8/15/15[10]
  • Fixes walk speed for dinosaurs on land and in water. Terrestrial dinosaurs now have ⅓ of their walk speed...


Date: 8/10/15[11]
  • Adds in flooding fix.
  • Fogs after it rains.

Missing Gap

Could not find archives for updates during this time period. If you know any updates missing in this section added them and include where you found it. If there were no updates during this period remove this section.


Date: 8/3/15[12]
  • Unknown


Date: 7/27/15[13]
  • Still schools of fish spawn in the ocean.


Date: 7/?/15

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes to grabbing position and many bug fixes!
  • Also fixes Coelacanth the fish.


Date: 7/?/15



Date: 7/?/15


Date: 7/18/15[14]
  • New sounds by GeckoSD.




Date: 7/13/15[15]
  • Only adult herbs attack now.


Date: 7/8/15[16]

Skins =

  • Adds in two Ornithomimus skins that give +1 speed bonus, and one recolor skin.


Date: 7/1/15[17]

Turns off experimental solver.


Date: 6/28/15[18]



Date: 6/22/15[19]



Date: 6/21/15[20]
  • Improved Spawning for AI herds and packs.

Missing Gap

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Date: 6/?/15[21]
  • Releases Indominus Rex Skin for Giganotosaurus by Pokemantrainer for DNA IconDNA Icon 3k for a limited time. More limited time skins on the way.
  • Ends 6/20/15 Midnight US EST Time.

Missing Gap

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Date: ?/?/15

Adds in a leaderboard for the top 100 survivors!


Date: ?/?/15



Date: ?/?/15

Reverts back to Zoom Cam.


Date: ?/?/15
  • Animations are done server-side for the Triceratops and Styracosaurus to see if the “stuck” glitch has to do with animations.
  • Camera view distance now depends on the size of your dinosaur.


Date: ?/?/15
  • Should fix the “stuck” glitch (it didn’t T.T).
  • I added small ramps to one of the ponds and fixed the animations on flying.


Date: ?/?/15
  • Increases the speed of swimming up and down.
  • Also enabled sprinting underwater.


Date: ?/?/15

Bug Fixes

Fixes all issues with swimming.


Date: ?/?/15

Moves a bunch of things that were done client-side to the server including sleep, flying, and swimming.


Date: ?/?/15



Date: ?/?/15

Now displays information on the badge needed to earn a certain dinosaur, and Controls.


Date: ?/?/15


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes creatures that live in water being able to sprint on land.
  • Few map updates were added also, and bug fixes.


Date: ?/?/15
  • Thirst now goes down 2x faster while sprinting. When eating ferns you regain one thirst.
  • You can no longer sleep while flying.


Date: ?/?/15
  • Sprinting doesn’t lower hunger and thirst x2 anymore.
  • Energy now restores twice as fast when asleep and restores health by one.
  • Flying now takes two energy, and at zero energy you will no longer be able to fly up.

Bug Fixes


Date: ?/?/15

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes to sleeping.


Date: ?/?/15
  • Added in Energy into the game.
  • Energy depletes as you walk around.
    • It depleted faster while sprinting.
  • If you run out of energy you can no longer sprint.
    • You will not die if your energy reaches zero.
  • To recharge energy hit the key Z and then Z again to wake up earlier.


Date: ?/?/15



Date: ?/?/15
  • Doubles the amount ferns give.
  • Also increases the rate of spawning to every 10 secs randomly 1-3 ferns.


Date: ?/?/15

I've added iOS support for SwimDown, SwimUp, Sprint, FlyUp, FlyDown movement.


Date: ?/?/15
  • You can now watch video advertisements on mobile and receive DNA IconDNA Icon 5.
  • You can also now jump on mobile.


Date: ?/?/15

Price revisions and the max amount of DNA you can get in a day is DNA IconDNA Icon 25.


Date: ?/?/15

Therizinosaurus by timefast was added into the game for DNA IconDNA Icon 400.


Date: ?/?/15
  • Added in Sounds by GeckoSD.
    1. If you click on another dinosaur from far away a growling sound will play.
    2. Clicking on the same type of dinosaur will produce a call sound.
  • I'll be working on adding more sounds as time goes by.


Date: ?/?/15

Fixed being able to eat from trees for some dinosaurs. Max fern count increased from 50 to 100.


Date: ?/?/15


Added in Sauroposeidon by ithislego090 for DNA IconDNA Icon 650.


Date: ?/?/15

Added in some random rain.


Date: 5/8/15
  • Support for swimming and flying on a gamepad.
    • B or Y to sink or rise.


Date: 5/?/15
  • Added some gamepad support.
    • Zoom in with your mouse all the way.
    • A to Jump.
    • L2 to Sprint.
    • R2 to Interact.
    • R1 to pick things up.
    • X to close welcome screen.


Date: 5/?/15

Some Price revisions.



Date: 5/?/15

Pteranodons can now land on trees.


Date: 5/?/15

Bug Fixes

Fixes fern glitch where one fern is an unlimited source of food.


Date: 5/?/15
  • Added one cave and added an underwater tunnel connecting to one of the water holes.
  • Trees now use the new Particle Emitter.
  • Brachiosaurus can now eat leaves from trees that they can reach.
  • Ferns now randomly spawn.


Date: 5/?/15

Bug Fixes

Fixes to the day two glitch.

Missing Gap

Could not find archives for updates during this time period. If you know any updates missing in this section added them and include where you found it.


Date: 4/21/15



Date: 4/?/15
  • Added in swimming.
    • Staying in water decrease health by one per second for non-swimmers.
    • Use Q or E to float or sink.


Date: 4/20/15[22]

Albino TRex skin out. Does not change game-play just appearance.


Date: 4/?/15

New InfoGUI for Dinosaurs. Also preparations for future skins.


Date: 4/?/15

Fixes Animations. Dinosaur Unlockables re-arrangement.



Date: 4/19/15

Bug Fixes and one stud away click interactions.


Date: 4/?/15

Dinosaurs at Age 1 now spawn with a three second Force Field.


Date: 4/?/15


Euoplocephalus resize and animations.


Date: 4/?/15


Spinosaurus resize and animations.


Date: 4/?/15

The default dinosaur is now the Triceratops instead of the TRex and I’ve added one more waterhole to the middle of the map along with more ferns and a cave.


Date: 4/?/15

Dying as a dinosaur will re-spawn you as the same dinosaur at Age1, instead of a TRex.


Date: 4/?/15


Styracosaurus resize and animation.


Date: 4/17/15[23]

The Omnivore Badges is now out.


Date: 4/?/15


Allosaurus resize and animations with lower speed.


Date: 4/?/15

Bug Fixes

  • Day Count and Badges are fixed.


Date: 4/16/15[24]

Added the 50% Less Hunger and Thirst Deduction Gamepass.


Date: ?/?/15

More trees were added to the map.


Date: ?/?/15

Trees have been resized.


Ornithomimus animations, resize, and is now free.


Date: ?/?/15


Triceratops animations.


Date: 3/19/15

The creation of Dinosaur Simulator.



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