The Yandusaurus (Yan-Doo-Soar-uhs) (Zigong lizard) Is a pretty big early ornithopod dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic Period, from the Dashanpu Formation in China. In its time it was viewed as prey for many predators of the Dashanpu Formation like Gasosaurus or Yangchuanosaurus and many others.

Due to it's place on the ornithischian family tree, it is likely that Yandusaurus had feathers or feathers-like structures on it's body. Animals such as Tianyulong, Psittacosaurus and Kulindadromeus have been proven to possess such structures and it wouldn't be a surprise if Yandusaurus had them as well. But there is no direct evidence of this dinosaur having feathers or feather-like structures so we can only make educated guesses.

It is very rarely used due to it being really weak and not adapted for fighting and being commonly viewed as easy prey. It is really bad at climbing hills because of its blocky hitbox and is only good at running on flat surfaces. Also, it can get flung very easily by running into larger dinosaurs especially at its baby stage. So overall it is not a good dinosaur but a good dinosaur for ankle biting.


The Yandusaurus is a dark blue dinosaur, with light blue markings under its eyes, side of its neck, stomach, front feet, and the same light blue color under its tail. It has long medium sized white claws on all 4 of its limbs. Early on, it was made as a carnivore, although it was eventually changed to a herbivorous diet.

It has a really old model and classic animations which are only for running and walking. It needs a remodel and needs to be reanimated. It is unknown when it will recieve said remodel.

This dinosaur glows!


The Yandusaurus lived during the Mid Jurassic period. It lacks an idle animation.


Spirit Yandusaurus is a skin for the dinosaur Yandusaurus. It is pinkish-purple with neon lines on its neck and torso, as well as a neon sail. Its tail at the end has a Peacock feather-like fin. The most notable feature of this skin is the long, slender antlers which it attacks with. Its hands are very small compared to the entire body and its legs are long, just like the ones of the normal version. It can glow just like the Mayhem Skins, Galactic Skins, Alien Irritator, and the Black Mirage Dilophosaurus.


  • The Spirit Yandusaurus was originally a different model known as “Sea Spirit Yandusaurus” but with a need for more skins in the 2017 Easter Event and other reasons, the model was recolored edited to be a purple/pink coloration, and then once more edited by Mr_Fantasia into the current coloration you see today.
  • It is the only creature in the game without idle animations.
  • It was added in along with the winners of the 2017 Art Contest.