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The Yutyrannus (yu-tie-ran-us) (feathered tyrant) is a medium sized Tyrannosauroid closely related to Tyrannosaurus. Discovered in 2012, the Yutyrannus lived during the Early Cretaceous about 124 million years ago.


It costs DNA IconDNA Icon 500 and was released the 15th of August 2017 along with Machimosaurus and Galactic Egg skins. The name Yutyrannus means “Feathered-Tyrant”.


It looks vaguely similar to the Tyrannosaurus Rex except with white feathers. It is covered in white feathers, along with orange feather stripes doing down its back, and its tail tip. It has large black claws on its feet and sharp claws on its arms. It has dark pale pink feet, hands, and face. Its eyes are pink, and it looks as if the dinosaur is angry. Above its eyes are small orange horns vaguely similar to that of the Carnotaurus. It has small brown spines on its snout.


The in-game Yutyrannus is a medium-sized Carnivore along the lines of the Carnotaurus as far as play-style goes. The unique roars of the Yutyrannus were implemented together with the dinosaur, not later as with most creatures. This may be because of how much the Yutyrannus was requested by the DS fanbase.  This carnivores play-style is a lot like the Carnotaurus, running around and scavenging and hunting small and medium prey, but Yutyrannus can use it’s bigger jaw size as an advantage to easily grab prey. This works particularly good for those small Triceratops babies that are hard to hit.

The grip of this feathered theropod is apparently very strong and grabbed prey can’t escape as usual by wriggling around and jumping. It is a good match for dinosaurs like Carnotaurus and Ceratosaurus.

A more unconventional use for Yutyrannus in 2018 was the infamous baby glitch. Since Yutyrannus would clip in the ground, you'd want it to be a fresh baby. Then, when you reached 32 health, you'd click menu button, due to the fact that menu took 4 seconds to go to. After, very quickly select an adult/elder dinosaur such as a powerful sauropod and click play. You would be a baby with elder stats, but with baby speed. Apatosaurus was extremely powerful to perform this with, due to it being as fast as a Baryonyx as a baby. If you were too slow to click play, and you selected your dinosaur, it would respawn it wiping all the progress. A week after finding, it was patched.


The Yutyrannus roar is a cracking, low-pitched resonating roar. The roars are also identical to another Roblox dinosaur games Carnotaurus roar, Era of Terror, formerly known as Primal Life.

Real Life

The Yutyrannus lived in China, in the Yīxīan Formation which was also the home of Psittacosaurus, Beipiaosaurus, Mei, and other very bird-like dinosaurs, mammals, and sauropods. The Yutyrannus was one of the first Tyrannosauroids discovered with a fluffy coat of proto-feathers which possibly served in thermoregulation, mating dances or camouflage, it is also thought to live in cold climates.


  • As of now, the Yutyrannus feet clip into the ground, and hasn’t been fixed yet.

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